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Jen Selter In Bikini Is Chasing Waterfalls In Costa Rica

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By Kristin Myers on December 23, 2023 at 8:00 AM EST

Model Jen Selter is spending her Christmas in Costa Rica and her fans love to see the photos and videos she takes on her travels!

After spending her 30th birthday in Greece earlier this year, it looks like the social media sensation decided to spend the holiday season in Greece.

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Jen Selter Spends Christmas In A Bikini In Costa Rica

On December 21, Jen decided to let her 14.2 million Instagram followers know that she decided to head all the way to Costa Rica to celebrate the holidays this year. She sat on the edge of the rock in the first photo of her carousel, placing her bare feet in the shallow water. She wore a pink thong bikini as she turned to face the camera through her rose-colored glasses. The final slide of her carousel included a video that features her having fun in the water.

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“n Costa Rica and loving every second! Experienced the most unreal waterfall. What are the must-visit spots here? Looking for those hidden gems! Drop your recommendations below!” she wrote in the caption. “You must go to Manuel Antonio National Park. Also ziplining in Jaco!!” another follower wrote. “Welcome to Costa Rica! Nauyaca waterfall, La Paz waterfall garden. Enjoy your trip!” another follower shared while a third fan warned her, “The internet is gonna crash if you keep posting pics like these.”

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Jen Selter Takes A Nap In Her Thong Bikini

In another recent Instagram post, Jen took a nap on her stomach as the sun set over the water in the distance. She is wearing a thong bikini to show off the shape of her body while reclining with her head in her arms and her face turned toward the water. The text over the video reads “Only 10 days left in 2023…”

“It’s the perfect time to reflect on all the amazing things you’ve achieved this year and set new, exciting goals for the next one,” she wrote in the caption. “Legend says she is still lying there,” one fan teased. “Magical trip,” another follower wrote. “That looks like a magical and secret place. The view is so amazing,” a third fan gushed.

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Jen Selter Shares Her Rules For A Happier Life

Decked out in a two-piece bathing suit and posing on the cliffs looking over the sea around Santorini, Greece, Jen gave fans two angles of her posing in her little bikini. After showing off her toned abs, Jen turned around in order to show off a rear view of her little outfit, posing in white sneakers as she watched a cruise ship gliding over the deep blue sea.

“5 Rules for a Happier Life,” she wrote in the caption. “Stop worrying. Let go of toxic relationships. Replace negative thoughts with positivity. Give more. Expect less.” Fans were quick to shower her post with red heart and fire emojis. “Love this,” one fan commented. “So stylish,” another follower wrote. “You look so beautiful,” a third fan agreed.

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Jen Selter Gives Fans A Look At Her Self-Care In A Brown Thong

In one Instagram post, Jen shared a video of her slipping into a tan thong and matching sports bra before she slid into brown leggings. She did a little hop to put on her tan sneakers before she stretched out on her yoga mat beside the water. She then took a stroll on the beach and journaled on her laptop.

“Reminder: Your self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. Do whatever you need to do to feel relaxed and healthy,” she wrote in the caption. “Take time to stretch. Disconnect for a bit. Eat Well. Make sure to rest up. Get some fresh air.” One fan commented, “9 years on and I still can’t get enough of your abs in my feed.” Jen replied, “Haha aww thank you. Wow, you’re an OG!”

Interested in more Jen Selter content? In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation flaunted her fit physique in a tiny bikini while rocking back and forth on a swing over a pool! Fans can check out those steamy bikini shots by clicking here!

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