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Jen Selter In Tiny Bikini Goes For A Swing Over The Pool

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By Kristin Myers on December 16, 2023 at 8:00 AM EST

Model Jen Selter is reminding her 14.2 million followers exactly who she is!

The 30-year-old fitness coach took to Instagram to share some fun facts about herself in text set over a video that featured her flaunting her slim physique on a swing hanging from the ceiling over a pool.

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Jen Selter Swings Over A Pool In An Itty Bitty Bikini

On December 13, Jen decided to give fans a little bit of an introduction about her life in case they haven’t followed her before. “Hi, my name is Jen,” she wrote. “I’m 30 years old and began my social media journey back in 2012, before influencing was a recognized career. I never imagined social media would become my career, and I’m grateful every day.”

“The best decision I made was to ignore the doubts and haters when I first started posting. If I had listened to them, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” she continued. “I’ve always had a strong passion for photography and videography.”

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“Here’s a weird fact about me: I have a fear of throwing up and have never thrown up in my life,” she shared. “I’ve never tried a cigarette and I don’t drink alcohol. I consider myself the biggest introverted extrovert I know.”

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Jen Selter shares a mirror selfie in a bikini
Instagram Stories | Jen Selter
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In the caption, Jen added, “Every time I post a workout, a recipe, or just a moment from my day, it’s with the hope that it inspires at least one of you to chase your dreams, take that first step towards a healthier lifestyle, or find joy in the small things. We’re on this journey together, and your support means the world to me.”

Jen’s older sister, Steph Selter, commented on the post writing, “Awww” and “This is so cute ILYSM.” Fans and famous friends also showered her post with praise, with one fan telling her, “Love what you do, Jen. Never stop evolving.”

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Jen Selter Wishes Her Mom A Happy Birthday!

On December 12, Jen took to Instagram to wish her mother a happy birthday, but fans weren’t so sure that was actually her mother given how young she looked! The two women twinned in black gym sets, although Jen was wearing a black bra in order to tell the two women apart. Even still, fans were absolutely gobsmacked at how similar the two women looked.

“Happy Birthday to my mom! Today’s all about you and the amazing love and support you’ve given me. Get ready for a surprise adventure next week. Can’t wait to celebrate with you! I love youuu!” she wrote in the caption. Plenty of fans chimed in to share their own “Happy Birthday” messages, including one that wrote, “Happy birthday momma Selter! Thanks for bringing us such an amazing person!”

Mama Selter, as she is known on Instagram, also commented on Jen’s post writing, “Ready for our adventure. Love you @jenselter @stephselter you are the best gift that I can ever ask for.” She made sure to tag Jen’s older sister, Steph Selter, as well.

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Jen Selter Shares Her Oat Banana Blend Recipe

Jen shares a new recipe video about once a week, and this week, she decided to share a recipe with her followers that they could use whenever they had any ripe bananas on hand. “This is my go-to oat and banana blend that I make whenever I have some ripe bananas,” she wrote In the caption. She listed the ingredients in the description, but not the amounts of each item needed.

Although she did tell her followers that they would need two eggs, she also listed unsweetened coconut milk, oats, vanilla extract, cinnamon, sugar-free maple syrup, and baking powder as the ingredients. She recommended that fans top off her culinary creation with pecans, walnuts, coconut flakes, dark chocolate chips, or pure honey straight from the farm!

Interested in more Jen Selter content? In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation showed off her impressive flexibility in a barely there bikini that was practically invisible! Fans can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!

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