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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Senada Greca Shares Her Raspberry Bark Recipe

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By Kristin Myers on January 1, 2024 at 7:00 PM EST

Celebrity fitness trainer Senada Greca is sharing her recipe for protein-packed raspberry bark just in time for the holiday season!

Although there are usually plenty of sweet treats to be found during the holiday season, the Zentoa founder is giving her followers some healthier recipes to make snacking just a little bit easier this winter.

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Senada Greca Shares Her Recipe For Protein Raspberry Bark

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Senada Greca Shares Her Raspberry Bark Recipe
Instagram | Senada Greca

The popular fitness trainer loves sharing recipe videos almost as much as she loves sharing her popular workout videos! In one recent Instagram post, she showed her followers how she makes her raspberry bark and gave fans instructions on how to make it themselves. It’s so good, she couldn’t resist licking the spoon on camera!

“Protein Raspberry Bark - high protein, delicious, sweet treat, that takes minutes to make. Make sure to Save and Send to those who have a sweet tooth. About 480 [calories] for the ENTIRE thing and 75g of protein,” she wrote in the caption. “I made this for some friends the other day and they loved it so much that I sent them home with a tray.”

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To make the recipe, Senada mashes up 12 oz of raspberries and then sets it aside. In a separate bowl, she mixes 16 oz of Greek yogurt with 3 scoops of chocolate protein powder, which was 90 grams in weight for the brand she was using.

Fans can, if they so choose, add 1 tablespoon of honey or their own favorite sweetener before mixing well by hand. She then lays out this mixture on a piece of parchment paper and lays the mashed raspberries on top. She places the baking tray in the freezer for about two hours to let it set.

Before consuming, she lets it thaw on the counter for 5-10 minutes if it's too frozen.

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Fans React To Senada’s Latest Recipe

Fans had a variety of reactions to Senada’s latest recipe. “I tried some of your recipes and they are too sweet because of the protein powder,” one fan commented. “It depends on what protein powder you use my lovely. Most out there are unhealthy and too sweet. Working on a good one,” Senada replied.

“I’m always irrationally concerned about someone standing on the corner of the counter like that. It looks so uncomfortable. I guess the light is good and it’s just me?” another follower asked. “My kitchen lacks space,” Senada responded. “It’s tiny. It’s the best corner to be able to film. I should show the view from the top. My partner has to be in the other corner to film.”

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However, some fans were excited to try her new recipe. “Yummy! Sometimes I mix a scoop of vegan protein powder with skyr yogurt to make a pudding-type thing. I'm definitely up for trying this idea with the raspberries!” one fan shared. “Looks good! Everyone in my house loves raspberries, I’ll have to try,” another follower commented.

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Senada Greca Has Thousands Of Workouts On Her Instagram Page

In addition to her delicious recipes, Senada Greca also shares plenty of workout videos for her followers to try, whether they are at the gym or at home. In one recent video, she shared an absolute ab-burning workout that can help anyone who is trying to learn how to do the Dragon Flag challenge.

“Abs-olute Burner Workout - make sure to SAVE if you want an amazing abs workout and want to learn the dragon flag. These exercises are great to incorporate,” she wrote in the caption. “I know most of us forget to train core or maybe would rather not, but here are some fun exercises for you to try out.”

She revealed that she does 4 sets of 8-12 reps of knee tucks to dragon flags, diagonal knee tucks, V-sit circles, and hollow bodies. Each slide of her Instagram carousel contains a demonstration for each exercise so fans can follow along at home with perfect form!

Interested in more Senada Greca recipes? In another recent Instagram post, she shared her recipe for protein-packed chocolate-covered apple donuts! Fans can check out how to make that delicious culinary confection by clicking here!

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