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Millie Bobby Brown Braless To Make Kitchen Hot Chocolate

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By Evie Scott on December 19, 2023 at 7:30 PM EST

Millie Bobby Brown is soaking up the cozy winter vibes as she makes hot chocolate, and she's uploaded every step of the process to her social media. Posting an Instagram Reel earlier today, the Stranger Things star shouted out her Florence By Mills coffee brand as she mixed business with pleasure, also proving that her Florence empire is expanding.

Looks like the actress' Florence By Mills beauty brand has enough muscle to pivot its success into a new venture! Shouting out her May-founded brand in her video, Millie showed off a casual cropped tee look as she went braless, and views are climbing.

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Hot Chocolate, Start To Finish

Scroll for the video. It showed Millie looking comfy and filming herself from her home kitchen.

Outfitted in a short-sleeved, lightly printed white t-shirt with an ab-flashing finish, Millie peeped hints of her toned torso as she kept casual in striped loungewear pants in blue and white. Very much opting for a fuss-free vibe, the actress wore her locks down and barely styled, although she still looked gorgeous as a little pink blush also brought out her cheekbones.

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Rocking the braless trend adored by stars including Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus, Millie got busy as she walked fans through her grandmother's hot chocolate recipe. Telling fans that it was "Nanny Flo's" recipe, Millie explained how her grandmother had passed down the recipe to her father, and that's how she knows it.

Millie then held up a purple sachet of Florence Hot Chocolate "because it's cozy season," and the only other ingredient is milk! The Instagram favorite admitted that making it on the stove might be a "little OTT," but she said she doesn't get people who do it in a microwave. During the video, Millie made sure to outline that her hot chocolate is made with "British milk and chocolate shavings" as she got to work mixing it all up.

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Simmering, whisking, and making sure it's "frothy" followed, and voila!

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Business Brains

In a caption, Millie wrote: "Let’s make some hot chocolate! featuring my fav @florencebymillscoffee. "Fans have left over 700,000 likes in two hours. Also leaving a like was Millie's Florence By Mills brand.

Millie's coffee launch made major headlines earlier this year.

“I’ve been passionate about coffee ever since I can remember,” the 19-year-old said in a statement. “It’s always been that pick-me-up to get me through those long days on set, it’s that moment away from all the chaos that allows me to be present again."

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Massive Instagram Following

Continuing, Brown stated: "I set out to create a brand that will allow my fans and all coffee lovers to do the same, a brand that isn’t just about great tasting coffee, but about those special moments, too. I’m delighted to finally share Florence by Mills coffee with you, and I hope you love it just as much as I do.

Millie is followed by over 63 million on Instagram.

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