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Mama June Sued By Late Daughter's Ex Over Custody Of Granddaughter

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 18, 2023 at 7:30 PM EST

Mama June's mourning period has been interrupted by a lawsuit from her late daughter Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell's ex over the custody of her daughter, Kaitlyn.

Michael Cardwell believes that despite the 11-year-old not being his biological daughter, he has taken a parental role in her life and deserves to have full custody of the pre-teen.

Cardwell, unfortunately, passed away on December 10 following her battle with cancer. She was 29 and left behind two daughters, and Kaitlyn was put in the care of her grandmother, Mama June.

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Mama June Sued Over Custody Of Grandaughter By Late Daughter's Ex

Michael filed his lawsuit in a Georgia court demanding custody of Kaitlyn. The aggrieved ex, who already has full custody of 8-year-old Kylee — his biological daughter — argued that he has "fully and completely undertaken a permanent, unequivocal, committed, and responsible parental role" in Kaitlyn's life.

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Mama June at Build Series in New York City
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Per the court documents, he claimed he "engaged in consistent caretaking of the child and established a bonded and dependent relationship with the child" that was encouraged by his late ex, Anna.

Michael explained that although he and Anna 'Chickadee' divorced in 2017, he included Kaitlyn in his regular visitation schedule to see his daughter. He also noted that he has an "independent relationship with the child, which was fostered and supported by a parent of the child."

An excerpt of the document obtained by The Sun read, "Both petitioner and parent understood, acknowledged, accepted and behaved as though the petitioner is a parent of the child and accepted full and permanent responsibilities as a parent of the child without expectation of financial compensation."

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In addition, he claimed that he has been responsible for paying Kaitlyn's school tuition.  Michael also didn't hesitate to take a jab at Mama June's parenting skills, arguing that she is not fit to have custody of Kaitlyn because of her tumultuous relationship with the late Anna.

"Anna has been raised by her maternal grandmother in Griffin, Georgia since she was approximately eight years old and only returned to the home of June Shannon when she was 17," he wrote. "Anna has had a very sordid relationship with her mother throughout her life and went various periods of time without speaking to her."

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He also argued that Mama June's presence in the 11-year-old's life has been "inconsistent." Concluding, Anna's ex-husband wrote, "Petitioner is the only living person that has shown a constant and continuous interest in the child's minor child's well-being, and being in the custody of the petitioner will be in the child's best interest."

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Michael's filing comes in response to reports that Mama June took on the role of Kaitlyn's caregiver after Anna's tragic passing. According to sources close to the family, Mama June, whose real name is June Shannon, shares a strong bond with her first granddaughter, and the family collectively agreed that having Kaitlyn at her grandma’s house is the most suitable arrangement.

Also, Kaitlyn will have a bonus parent in her mother's husband, Eldridge Toney, whom Anna secretly married in March. Despite not being their biological father, Toney is expected to remain involved in the daughters’ lives.

Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell's Daughters To Consider Therapy

The lawsuit comes after reports claimed Anna's daughters are struggling to cope with their mother’s recent death and the family is considering therapy to help them through their grieving.

Per sources, Anna's 11-year-old daughter unexpectedly spoke at her funeral, where she shared memories of her mom with the attendees, bringing both tears and laughter. The brave preteen reportedly actively supported her mother during her battle with cancer, ensuring she took her medicine and provided constant companionship.

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As for Kylee, who is with her father Michael, it remains unsure if he would consider therapy for the eight-year-old. According to her husband, Toney, Anna's dying wish was for her children to carry on her legacy. He recalled in an interview:

"The day before she passed, we had our talk and said our goodbyes. Her dying wish was for her girls to grow up knowing who their mother was. And I promised I would do right by the girls always. I will spend my life doing right by Anna and the girls."

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