Ella Wahlberg taking a selfie.

Mark Wahlberg’s Daughter Ella In Her Bikini Looks 'Cheeked Up'

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By Alisan Duran on December 7, 2023 at 9:00 AM EST

Ella Wahlberg gives a cheeky view in her bikini!

The daughter of Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham took to her Instagram account to share an alluring upload with her adoring followers. Ella, who turned 20 in September, hit the beach in a tiny two-piece.

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Enjoying Paradise

Ella captured moments from her trip to St. James, Barbados, showcasing that she was thoroughly enjoying her time there.

In the update, the socialite was seen swimming in the sea with her backside and foot, taking the spotlight in the shot.

In the caption of the post, Ella mentioned that she's a "Big swimmer."

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Looking stunning even while swimming, Ella rocked a purple swimwear set, including a string top and matching bottoms that bared her buns. Despite being in the water, she accessorized with oversized hoop earrings.

As of today, the post has garnered over 500 likes. In the comments section, numerous fans expressed their admiration for Ella's physique, good looks, and bikini.

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Compliments On Compliments

"You're so beautiful and sexy Ella, come on give Daddy Marky Mark the son-in-law he really deserves, yours truly," expressed one person, while another noted, "Sexy asf."

The third commenter pleaded to Ella, "Please stop this is too much for me," then a different user emphasized that the social media star looked "Cheeked up."

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Off To College

Earlier this year, Ella was sent off to college by her mom, who documented the special moment on Instagram.

Durham, 45, a former Victoria's Secret model, posted a thoughtful selfie from her seat on a plane, contemplating the experience of dropping off her then 19-year-old daughter at college.

"On my way home from my first college drop off," wrote the mom of four. "The emotions are running wild."

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Parenting Teens

In an appearance on Live! With Kelly and Ryan in August 2022, Wahlberg, 51, discussed the challenges of parenting his four teenagers -- including Grace Margaret, 13, and sons Brendan, 14, and Michael, 16.

During the interview, when host Ryan Seacrest inquired about the activities of the teens, Wahlberg revealed that Ella was preparing to complete her schooling and exploring college options.

"My 18-year-old, now I literally have no authority over her until she realizes she needs me financially," the "Ted" star joked. "She's doing tattoos and all this stuff but she's now really focused on academics, which is great. It took her a while to get there."

He added, "She's going to graduate mid-year and then we're going on tour," adding, "She's picking the most random places -- San Diego State, Clemson -- so we're going to go to all these places."

Indeed, Ella's Instagram bio suggests that she has chosen Clemson University in South Carolina to pursue her degree.

Kelly Ripa, whose two of her children have graduated college while her youngest is still studying, gave a piece of advice to Wahlberg, saying, "Don't say a word. Do you hear me? You don't say a word."

Wahlberg responded, "That's the motto with my oldest daughter and my wife!"

Ripa later added, "If you think whatever school is the best place, you shut it. Because you will talk them right out of that school."

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The actor said, "I will take that advice because we're literally going from one school to the other."

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