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Mark Wahlberg's Daughter Ella Takes To The Trails In Her Bikini

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By Alisan Duran on December 1, 2023 at 9:30 AM EST

Ella Wahlberg embraced a day in nature with an active twist, donning nothing but a bikini for the occasion!

The eldest daughter of Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham worked up a sweat while hiking hills, showcasing her unconventional choice of a mismatched bikini. Departing from her usual casual style, the 20-year-old delighted her Instagram followers with a revealing swimwear post, even though she was far from any pool or beach.

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A Fun-Filled Day With Friends

The initial slide featured Ella standing alongside a male friend on a mountainous dirt road. Her shirtless companion maintained a casual style with blue shorts, white socks, and black rubber shoes, while his black tee was playfully positioned on top of his head.

In the subsequent picture, Ella took on the role of the photographer, capturing the moment. She averted her gaze from the lens, allowing her shirtless companions to strike poses behind her. Meanwhile, her female friend seemed engaged in tying her shoelaces, adding a candid and relaxed atmosphere to the scene.

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Enjoying The Scenic Surroundings

The third snapshot captured another candid moment of Ella. Standing sideways with her legs parted, she wore a smile as she, along with her hiking companions, posed for yet another photo.

In a playful caption, Ella humorously remarked, "We went to Africa, no lie," implying a lighthearted jest to the exotic feel of the location, despite the apparent exaggeration.

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Scroll Down To See The Pictures!

Ella confidently showcased plenty of skin in a revealing two-piece swimsuit featuring a black top, which she ingeniously wore upside down. She fashioned a unique halter style by tying the strings behind her neck, creating a scoop neckline that exposed her d├ęcolletage. The cups were positioned in an inverted manner, and the straps that typically rest on the triangle tips were fastened securely behind her back.

Adding to the visual allure, the multicolored bottoms of Ella's bikini sat several inches below her navel, accentuating her flat midsection against a backdrop of vibrant greenery. The sides wrapped around her hips, and the leg cuts highlighted her toned legs as she confidently posed for the camera.

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Beating The Heat In Her Swimwear

Ella completed her hiking ensemble with gray high-cut Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers and a black backpack. Battling the hot weather, she tied her blond locks in a bun and sported sunglasses atop her head. The stylish look was further enhanced with dangling hoop earrings and layers of necklaces for accessories.

Numerous fans of Ella expressed their admiration by flooding the comments section with messages and emojis.

"I can't with how perfect you are! It's like looking at America's next top model. Ily queen! Slay!" wrote a follower.

Another admirer told Emily she looked "so hot" in the snaps.

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Flaunting That Fit Body

Ella doesn't shy away from showcasing her toned physique. She occasionally treats her followers to several daring updates, such as this bikini share.

However, the socialite looks good in anything she wears, such as a sparkly blue dress hugging her body like a glove, which she wore to a recent Christmas party with friends.

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