Emily Elizabeth takes a selfie at the beach while wearing a white bikini top and denim shorts.

Emily Elizabeth Teases Massive Bikini Spillage In Heart-Stopping Video

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By Alisan Duran on November 28, 2023 at 5:05 AM EST
Updated on November 28, 2023 at 5:07 AM EST

Emily Elizabeth treats her Instagram followers to another sizzling bikini video!

The model put her killer body on display for a recent update, which she posted on her second account. Sporting a minuscule bikini set that left little to the imagination, Emily gave a seriously busty display that left many of her fans drooling.

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An Eye-Popping Bikini Spill

Sporting a sensual expression, the 25-year-old gave her followers a heart attack when she flashed ample spillage in her minuscule bikini top.

Lounging outdoors on a large sunbed surrounded by lush greenery, Emily jumpstarted the video by tugging on her swimwear and flipping her long, blonde hair.

Emily put most of her weight on one leg, which was bent and tucked under her other leg as she looked to the side. Slowly turning her gaze to the camera, the influencer also leaned back and planted her left hand on the mattress.

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Putting On A Very Busty Display

Providing a seriously NSFW display, Emily rocked the tiniest piece of bikini top imaginable. The sexy garment featured black triangle cups and white straps complementing her tanned complexion, though the colors hardly seemed to be the detail that caught the eyes of her online audience.

With a plunging neckline, the top left Emily's d├ęcolletage bare and an eyeful of cleavage on display. Notably, the swimwear piece seemed too small for her ample assets that she spilled out from the corners. The model exposed a tantalizing view of her sideboob as a result. However, it seemed like viewers were hardly bothered by the NSFW display.

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Scroll Down To Watch The Video!

Emily's black bottoms were just as scandalous as the upper half of her look, with only a little piece of fabric keeping her nethers hidden from view. Flattering her curves, the low front and high leg cuts also showcased her trim waist and toned pins.

Looking absolutely gorgeous in the footage, Emily enhanced her striking features with makeup as she styled her hair with soft waves.

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Fans Have Nothing But Praise For Emily Elizabeth

Emily's video proved to be a delight for her fans, who expressed their admiration by generously giving it likes. Additionally, the model garnered enthusiastic messages, predominantly consisting of compliments and praise for her impressive performance.

"Cardiac bypass during the cooling of the patient to stop the heart during coronary surgery. I don't know the thresholds for temporary ventricular pacing," noted one person, while another wrote, "F??--N INCREDIBLE!!!"

The third user remarked, "Seeing your massive chest is a reward in and of itself, i.e. no rush on sharing your reason for visiting Venice Beach," and another admirer expressed, "Natural beauty is incomparable."

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Heating up Venice Beach

Emily recently shared the photo version on her primary Instagram account with the caption, "No bad vibes."

Like the reel, the image also went viral, with one user commenting, "Gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, stunning, hot, and elegant lady with an amazing body."

According to geotag, Emily was in Venice Beach, California, where she has been since her Iceland trip.

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