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Emily Elizabeth In Her Insanely Tiny Black Bikini Gives 'No Bad Vibes'

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By Alisan Duran on November 27, 2023 at 6:00 AM EST

Emily Elizabeth blows away Instagram with her sizzling hot share!

The blonde smokeshow uploaded a stunning snapshot on the social media site that earned her rave reviews from her 2.6 million followers. Striking a sensual pose for the camera, Emily flaunted her killer curves while rocking an insanely tiny bikini.

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An Insanely Busty Display

The 25-year-old ventured outside for the eye-popping photoshoot, where she found the perfect spot to soak up a little bit of sunshine. Although for the shoot, Emily settled in a shaded area and gave fans a jaw-dropping view.

Showing an eye-pooing busty display, the influencer kneeled on an outdoor lounge bed, arched her back, and placed her hands on the sides of her thighs as she looked to the side.

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Scroll Down To See The Photo!

Lush greenery surrounded Emily, but all eyes seemed to be on her buxom curves, which threatened to spill out of her little two-piece.

The set included a tiny black top featuring thin white straps secured around her ribcage. Meanwhile, the other pair of strings were tied behind her neck, helping to accentuate her toned arms and shoulders. Its plunging neckline and the wide gap between the tiny triangle cups exposed an ample amount of cleavage, which was enhanced by the tightness of the swimwear piece.

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Exploding Out Of Her Top

Struggling to hold her ample assets in, Emily spilled out from the sides of the bikini top, exposing a great deal of sideboob in the shot.

Highlighting her petite waist, the matching bikini bottoms stretched high over the model's hips. The extremely high-cut sides also put Emily's sculpted legs in the spotlight. Meanwhile, the low-rise style allowed her to flaunt her chiseled midsection.

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Literally 'No Bad Vibes'

Leaving her blond locks down, Emily let her wavy strands fall on her back. Her long bangs framed her face, which was made up of a gorgeous makeup application. However, some fans think she doesn't need it.

Emily captioned the share, "No bad vibes."

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Racking Up On Compliments

Emily's legion of fans loved her latest social media post as it amassed plenty of likes in just less than a day. Flocking to the comments section, her avid admirers also left dozens of compliments about her phenomenal figure and pool day attire. However, others struggled to form their thoughts into words and used emojis instead.

"Omg speechless," one remarked, while another person wrote, "Very pretty lady. You're gorgeous, nice pic."

The third user named Emily "The great one," while also emphasizing that she looked "absolutely flawless."

Meanwhile, the fourth commenter expressed, "I'm pickin' up good vibrations."

Feeling Grateful

Over Thanksgiving, Emily surprised her followers with a wholesome share as she posted a picture of herself hugging her dog. While the share isn't sexy, her fans still adored it.

"Happy Thanksgiving!" she wrote in the caption, "So much to be thankful for."

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