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Paris Hilton Shares 'First' Selfie With Britney Spears 17 Years Ago

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By Kristin Myers on November 20, 2023 at 12:00 PM EST

17 years ago, Paris Hilton and BFF Britney Spears posed together for their very first selfie!

Over the weekend, the "Stars Are Blind" singer shared photos of her first selfie with the Princess of Pop and asked fans to send her their own fun selfies to celebrate the occasion!

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See Paris Hilton and Britney Spears' First Selfie 17 Years Ago!

On Sunday afternoon, Paris Hilton shared two photos of the two singing stars posing for a few photos together. In the first photo, the two are standing back to back as they pose for the photo.

In the second shot, the two grabbed the camera in order to take a picture of themselves, thus creating the “first” selfie. "Before the selfie was invented vs. After ✨? An iconic night with @britneyspears 17 years ago #ThatsHot," she wrote in the caption.

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Fans were quick to call them “iconic” and “queens” although one follower was quick to point out that Paris Hilton is not actually credited as the creator of the selfie.

One fan wrote, "I went to see if Wikipedia credited you for the word but I found this instead," sharing a Wikipedia entry of the selfie that states that the modern selfie has origins in Japanese kawaii culture going all the way back to the 1990s.

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Paris Hilton Is Taking Credit For The Selfie!

Despite what Wikipedia says, it seems that the 42-year-old entrepreneur is taking credit for it. Even though she might not have “invented” the selfie, she definitely popularized it!

“In the 2000s, I invented the selfie ? What have you done with my invention since then?! ☺️ Tag me in your hottest selfies," she wrote in the caption of another post.

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However, another follower shared a Wikipedia entry about Robert Cornelius, who is thought to have taken a photo of himself in 1839, thus creating the first selfie.

Still, that didn’t stop fans from praising Paris for the “invention.” As one fan commented, “Thank you, Paris and Britney for inventing the selfie. One of the greatest inventions of mankind, only second to the person who invented the 'cheese'.”

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Readers Are Adding Context To Her Post!

In a third post, Paris wrote, “17 years ago, I invented the selfie. What are the most iconic selfies of all time? I’ll be the judge, since I invented them.” However, readers added context to the post, writing:

“Selfies or photographic self-portraits have been made since the 1830s, the first one by Hippolyte Bayard. We have selfies going back many decades, Ms. Hilton didn't even take the first one with a mobile phone. She also didn't invent the word.”

There are several different sources linked in the post, including the Cambridge Dictionary, Wikipedia, and a Twitter account aimed at reducing misinformation.

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"According to the Library of Congress this self portrait was made by Robert Cornelius in oct/nov 1839 and believed to be the earliest American photo portrait, often shared online as 'the first selfie,'" the Twitter account shared. "And yes, he is quite dashing."

"Which one was the first photo portrait? Neither," they continued.

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"Dating these photos exactly is tricky, they all happened very close to each other and the photographers didn't always keep exact records.

But ALL these photos are firsts in their own right," they noted.

So although Paris Hilton may not have taken the very first selfie in history, she definitely made the first "sliving" selfie for fans to enjoy!

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