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Georgia Hassarati In Sheer Lingerie Teases An Intimate Look Inside Her Bathroom

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By Kristin Myers on November 26, 2023 at 4:00 PM EST

Model Georgia Hassarati is getting ready for the Lounge Underwear Black Friday sale!

The season 3 contestant on the hit Netflix reality series "Too Hot To Handle" showed off her fit physique in a few different stunning lingerie sets as she did her makeup in her bathroom mirror!

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Georgia Hassarati Does Her Makeup In Sheer Lingerie

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, the Netflix reality star took to Instagram to share a video of her flaunting her fit physique and posing in a black and white lingerie set. She starts off in a black lingerie set with lacy cups before she transitions into a white floral set. Throughout the video, Georgia does her makeup in her bathroom mirror, parting her glossing pink lips as she gives fans a look at her glowing summer tan.

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“Don’t miss out… the Lounge Black Friday sale is now live,” she wrote in the caption. “Nope not buying because I’ll just be reminded that I don’t look like this,” one fan commented. “Same,” another follower agreed. “I love the brand and want to buy but this feels so unrealistic on most bodies,” a third fan chimed in, although another follower said that they wanted to “rock that s---.”

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One Fan Had A 'Random' Question About Her Belly Button!

One follower asked, “Random question but I am just curious, I notice a TON of people I follow/influencers with like 1M followers +, they have an indent in their bellybutton like their bellybutton is pierced but they aren’t wearing the jewelry. So I’m just wondering, do they take out the jewelry on purpose if they are advertising clothing or a certain product? Always wondered.”

One fan replied, “(not an influencer just a girl with a belly ring) but I think most people take them out not for ads but because with clothing today it can be uncomfortable (like high-waisted pants) or can get caught on things! (like bed sheets, etc!) she has a tiny jewelry piece in hers probably for comfort & to keep it open! Hope this helps!”

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“A lot of brands will have them wear a specific belly ring to not draw attention away from the clothing. Not all brands care though,” another fan shared while another follower admitted, “I was totally wondering the same thing.”

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Georgia Hassarati Is Getting Into Acting!

After appearing in the Netflix reality series “Too Hot To Handle” and “Perfect Match,” it looked like Georgia is getting into acting! She shared a trailer with her Instagram followers last week that featured her playing a character that looks a lot different than the person fans have come to know on reality television!

“I recently had the opportunity/honor to be a part of this short film. It was my first time trying anything like this, and I honestly felt a little out of my comfort zone playing a character so different from myself,” she wrote in the caption. “I’m really proud of what we created, and I’m excited to share it with you all. Thank you to the amazing team who helped this come to life and were so lovely to work with.”

Fans Think Georgia Looks Just Like Margot Robbie!

Margot Robbie at Los Angeles Premiere Of Amazon MGM Studios' 'Saltburn'

Believe it or not, fans couldn't stop comparing the Netflix reality star to "Barbie" actress Margot Robbie! “You’re totally giving me Margot Robbie vibes,” one fan commented. “It’s giving Margot Robbie and I’m absolutely living for it,” another follower wrote.

“I was going to say the same thing,” a third fan chimed in. “Yes, please start acting. I’d watch everything you are in. You are so good,” another follower gushed. Her “Too Hot To Handle” season 3 and “Perfect Match” costar Izzy Fairthorne also loved her acting debut, commenting, “Omg obsessed!! Go, my girl!”

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Interested in more Georgia Hassarati content? Fans just can’t get enough of the “Too Hot To Handle” hottie! In another recent Instagram post, the Netflix reality star showed off her bikini body in black lingerie but her followers were more interested in talking about her socks! Fans can check out those steamy snaps by clicking here!

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