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Margot Robbie Goes Viral After Fingerspelling With Deaf Fan: 'I Know It'

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By Kristin Myers on July 26, 2023 at 10:30 AM EDT

Actress Margot Robbie is going viral after she was videotaped using sign language with a Deaf fan last year.

The resurfaced clip is only earning the "Barbie" star more praise as she attempts to remember basic fingerspelling in order to communicate with a fan.

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Margot Robbie Tries To Remember Her Sign Language Lessons To Communicate With A Deaf Fan

It’s not clear when the Australian actress learned how to fingerspell, but she went viral in 2022 after she was seen interacting with a Deaf fan during a 2022 red carpet appearance. The fan tries to hand her a sheet that contains basic cheat sheet before she passes it away, saying, “I know it. I know it.”

She then proceeds to sign the alphabet for the fan. She seems pretty smooth at first, but she quickly loses steam after “Q, R, S…” leaving the fan to jump in and help her out. Robbie has never before spoken about her ability to use sign language before, but basic fingerspelling is usually taught in schools.

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Although fans mistakenly said that she was using American Sign Language, other fans felt that she was using British Sign Language or Australian Sign Language, given that their alphabets, especially their vowels, are extremely similar. Given that the “Suicide Squad” star is actually from Australia, it makes sense that she would be using Australian Sign Language; however, this is not confirmed.

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It's Not Clear If Robbie Learned Auslan Or BSL... Or Both!

Even still, there are many different dialects of Australian and New Zealand sign languages, so it might not be recognizable to all. As one fan commented, “yo it’s not just “sign language” by the way! she’s finger-spelling the alphabet in Auslan (australian sign language) in the video, but non-aussies might not recognise this alphabet!! signed language is as diverse as spoken language.”

“Thank you for this - I was looking at it like.. wtf is she saying?! It looks like an alphabet but def isn’t one I recognize. Went digging through the comments for someone who knew!” another follower chimed in. However, another fan ventured that she was using BSL since it was recorded in the UK, although it’s not clear when Robbie would have picked up British sign language.

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Another user shared a screenshot from Google that shows that there are more than 300 sign languages used throughout the world. These vary from nation to nation and can be different in countries even when the same verbal language is spoken.

Regional dialects and accents also influence signs. Even in the United States, the meaning of one sign might change from the East Coast to the West Coast.

This Is Just Giving Fans Another Reason To Love Margot Robbie!

Other followers were just glad to see Margot Robbie making a name for herself, especially after the success of the new “Barbie” movie. “so excited to seeing the world catch-up with my favorite producer in Hollywood. actress, producer, businesswoman, incredible human being. she’s so much more than just harley quinn…” one fan commented.

“Owned a café and her and her team would come in to eat all the time. She was always so sweet,” another follower shared. “She was really MOTHERING. We have no choice but to STAN even harder for her,” a third fan chimed in. "She really took time to free her hands and communicate with a fan to make them seen. She's so precious," another follower added as fans continued to praise her for taking the time to communicate with a fan.

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"Barbie" is currently playing in theaters now.

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