'Selling Sunset' Bre Tiesi Sues After Suffering 'Serious Injuries' In Car Accident

'Selling Sunset' Star Bre Tiesi Hints At Exiting Show After Finale Blow Up

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 8, 2023 at 6:45 AM EST

Fans of the hit Netflix reality series "Selling Sunset" might have to live through watching another engaging star walk out of the show as Bre Tiesi drops major hints

In a recent revelation, the TV personality has set tongues wagging about the possibility of bidding farewell to the show. The question on everyone's lips is probably could this be another Christine Quinn move?

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Selling Sunset: What's Next For Bre Tiesi After Season 7 Drama?

Since her debut on the show's sixth season, the mother-of-one has been a force to be reckoned with. Not only did she bring a star-studded client list to The Oppenheim Group, but she also stirred up some controversy along the way.

Things took an even more dramatic turn with the introduction of someone from Tiesi's past in the gripping finale of the popular Netflix show's season seven. As was witnessed in the episode, tensions came to a head, particularly between her, Chelsea Lazkani, and newcomer Cassandra Dawn Repstad. 

Their interaction led to an ongoing rift that culminated in a heated exchange at an Oppenheim Group event, with Tiesi storming out, expressing her frustration angrily, saying, "I'm done with this whole f—— s— I'm sick of this s—! F— the show. F— this f—— office!"

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As fans eagerly await news of a potential eighth season, the model hinted that she might step back from the spotlight. Her primary focus now lies on her career ambitions and securing her financial future. 

"I love Jason, I love the girls, I love all of that but at the end of the day I'm about my bag," she asserted in a conversation with ET. According to her, if she were bound to face criticism, she would instead do it in a space where her efforts were more generously compensated. 

Apart from dramatic flare-ups around her cast mates, Tiesi also caused some more raised eyebrows with one of her recent surprising revelations. The social media personality acknowledged that she was learning the ropes about the boundaries when it came to on-camera conversations.

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The situation happened during an episode of "Selling Sunset," when she hinted at a past encounter with actor Michael B. Jordan, leaving everyone astonished. 

The revelation came during a discussion about celebrity crushes, with the reality TV star casually saying, "I could do that and I've done that," referring to Jordan before stating further that she had "slept with" all her favorite celebrities. 

In the aftermath, the Calabasas native sought to clarify her remarks, explaining to the outlet that it was not her intention for the comment to gain such attention. She emphasized that the conversation felt off-camera, and she did not anticipate it being featured in the final cut.

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She also shared more context, mentioning a comment about having a child with her celebrity crush that did not make it to air. As fans know, the "Wild 'N Out" star is a mother to Legendary Love Cannon from her relationship with Nick Cannon.

Bre Tiesi Opened Up About The Reality Of Postpartum Experience

Bre Tiesi steps out during NYFW 2023

Although the star found solace and support in her partner amid the pressures of filming shortly after birth, she opened up about her intense postpartum experience, shedding light on the less-discussed aspects of motherhood.

The 32-year-old disclosed that her postpartum journey left her feeling like she had little control over her mental and emotional state. She candidly shared:

"You can't stop yourself, and I think that was what makes it so scary. Cause you're like, What's wrong with me? Like, nothing's wrong. Like, I have this beautiful baby. And why am I crying? And I don't cry. Like, what the hell's wrong with me?' Like, you just can't get it together." 

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In a conversation on the "Not Skinny But Not Fat" podcast, the real estate agent expressed her belief that society often sugarcoats the realities of motherhood. She argued that women were not adequately prepared for the challenges that come with childbirth, lamenting that people "don't really tell you how hard it is and everything that comes with it and all of that."

Tiesi confessed that although she initially expected to return to normal immediately, the pressure intensified. In her own words, "[I felt] the pressures of, like, being on TV and being like, 'What if I say something that f–king gets me canceled or ruins me or they edit it [poorly]?." 

At the same time, she also attributed her ability to navigate the emotional challenges of her postpartum journey to her pre-existing healthy lifestyle and solid foundation before becoming a mother.

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