Selling Sunset' Bre Tiesi Talks False Societal Narrative On Motherhood: 'Everyone Lies To You'

'Selling Sunset' Bre Tiesi On Motherhood: 'Everyone Lies To You'

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 11, 2023 at 12:30 PM EDT

It is a common saying that motherhood brings unimaginable joy, but for Bre Tiesi, it came packed with many surprises!

The "Selling Sunset" star hopped on a podcast to spill all the deets about her postpartum journey following the arrival of her bundle of joy. Tiesi welcomed a baby boy with Nick Cannon in a natural, unmedicated home birth last year — their first child together and his eighth.

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Bre Tiesi Spoke On Her Mental State After Baby Legendary's Arrival

The 32-year-old disclosed that her postpartum journey was pretty intense, and she had little control over her mental state, her emotions, or anything at all. Her condition came with a lot of confusion and many questions as she said:

"You can't stop yourself, and I think that was what makes it so scary. Cause you're like, What's wrong with me? Like, nothing's wrong. Like, I have this beautiful baby. And why am I crying? And I don't cry. Like, what the hell's wrong with me?' Like, you just can't get it together."

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Tiesi also stated on the Tuesday episode of the "Not Skinny But Not Fat" podcast that she believes society does not prepare women for the realities surrounding childbirth. In her words, motherhood is sugarcoated with lies, and people "don't really tell you how hard it is and everything that comes with it and all of that."

The real estate agent confessed that she thought she would "snap back immediately, mentally, physically, in all ways." Between raising Legendary Love and filming the sixth season of "Selling Sunset", however, the pressure got worse as she said:

"[I felt] the pressures of, like, being on TV and being like, 'What if I say something that f–king gets me canceled or ruins me or they edit it [poorly]?."

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Selling Sunset' Bre Tiesi Talks False Societal Narrative On Motherhood: 'Everyone Lies To You'
Instagram | Bre Tiesi
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Tiesi debuted on the Netflix series as a cast member shortly after welcoming Legendary in June 2022. But she did not cave under the pressure as she felt comforted in the support of Cannon, who she described as a good man who steps up for their son.

The 32-year-old also acknowledged her healthy lifestyle and staying grounded before motherhood as factors that kept her steady through her emotional postpartum journey.

As for when she and Cannon met, the star recalled it being through a mutual friend about a decade ago. Tiesi and Cannon were then formally introduced on "Wild 'N Out," and they began an on-and-off relationship from then.

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Months after the birth of her son, she got candid on her Instagram story about balancing being a mom and her personal life. The fitness enthusiast addressed physical changes on her body pre and post-pregnancy with throwback pictures and current pictures showing tummy scars.

According to her, she opted for body sculpting procedures to hasten her snap-back journey and showed off the improvements. Tiesi also disclosed that Cannon was present during her home birth and even cut Legendary's umbilical cord.

However, the star craved more physical contact with her baby, but her work schedule would not let her get much of that time in bed with her gorgeous son.

The 'Wild N' Out' Alum Reconsidered Stance On Her Baby Daddy Paying Child Support

Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon celebrate as son Legendary celebrates his 1st birthday
Instagram | Bre Tiesi

Back in September, Tiesi appeared to change her mind on the child support arrangement between herself and Cannon. In a friendly and comedic exchange, Tiesi appeared in a skit with the "Masked Singer" star, which featured both of them in a living room as Tiesi said, "Nick, it's time to pay child support."

A stunned Cannon quickly replied, "Como say what?" as Tiesi doubled down on her initial request, "You have to pay child support." Cannon then replied in an Amish costume by saying, "No, I don't, I'm Amish."

The back and forth continued between them, causing Cannon to playfully inject himself in his forearm and let out a loud voice as he mouthed, "No, I don't. I got the vaccine."

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Cannon explained to Tiesi that he has over ten children and he doesn't have to pay, but Tiesi quickly corrected him that the clause only applied to foreign countries like China.

Guess that was Cannon's cue as the next scene showed Tiesi's phone ringing with Cannon's name on display, and upon picking up, the social media personality saw the "All That" star in China.

Per The Blast, Tiesi initially stated the "Lip Sync Battle" host didn't need to pay child support since he had over ten children on the seventh episode of "Selling Sunset" to co-star Amnza Smith. However, her lawyer, Neama Rahmani, debunked the statement by saying:

"Nick, or any father, is obligated to pay child support under California law regardless of the number of children he has."

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