Christine Brown & David Woolley Tied The Knot With One 'Sister Wives' Cast Present

'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Flaunts Honeymoon Experience With David Woolley

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 6, 2023 at 11:00 AM EST

Christine Brown is taking fans on an enchanting journey through her recent honeymoon experience with David Woolley.

The "Sister Wives" star who recently tied the knot, exudes pure radiance as she shares glimpses of their dreamy getaway on a boat cruise. However, fans will recall that after their wedding on October 7, they first set their course for the happiest place on earth — Disneyland. 

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Christine Brown Radiates Newlywed Bliss With Husband David Wooley

Just a month after their heartwarming nuptials, the mother-of-six and her beau are painting the high seas with love. The "Sister Wives" star shared a delightful glimpse into their romantic cruise, showcasing moments of pure bliss and adventure. 

Taking to Instagram, the reality TV star treated fans to a carousel of enchanting photos featuring the couple basking in each other's company. One of the snapshots captured a sweet dinner date, framed by the vast expanse of the ocean, and of course, there was a light-hearted moment of Wooley striking a pose on a rock in the ship. 

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From their tender embrace on the ship's deck, highlighted by the beautiful ocean sky, every frame exuded the joy of newfound love. With excitement in her caption, Brown exclaimed, "Loving this Plexus cruise! We're going to Haiti!! #cruise #celebritycruises @celebritycruises #grateful #blessed."

The enchanting photos garnered heartwarming comments from fans, who enthusiastically gushed, "You so deserve this! He's all yours and you have all of him to adore only you!!! #blessing," and "Love seeing you happy and loved from a man that appreciates you."

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One supporter even pointed out, "There is nothing like the "real" smile on a woman's face that is truly in love," before advising the newlywed bride to "Wear it in good health and happiness," as it was "well deserved!!!" 

A fourth noted that the happy pair were "100% keeping each other young," while a fifth was more excited about Brown's fashion choices, stating, "OK Christine! Come through with the see-through dress hunts! Beautiful pics with hubby." 

Since saying "I do," the 51-year-old has received an outpouring of love and support from her fans. They have stood by her, even when she seemingly threw a jab at her ex-partner, Kody Brown. 

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While exploring Disneyland, the new couple did so in style, sporting matching "I'm hers, He's mine" tees. The shirts featured oversized hands pointing in opposite directions. 

In her caption, Brown shared a heartfelt sentiment: "I firmly believe in living my life like I believe in Karma. I LOVE my life and it brought me to the love of my life. #embracejoy #karma #liveyourbestlife #loveofmylife #myking #disneyland #vacation #mykeltiboughtustheseshirts.”

As expected, her followers caught on to the "good karma" reference, like this cybernaut, who playfully joined in on the karma theme, while another remembered a moment from the show, writing:

"When Kodi said he hoped you got your karma… every single viewer smiled and thought "Oh she does"!!! You deserve it ALL!! So does Janelle! I want a show with just the 2 of you!"

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Another supporter echoed the sentiment, stating, "Lol!!! I busted out laughing at last night's episode when Kody made the karma reference!!!" while a fourth noted, "I'm so glad the 'karma' you had coming was good karma. I love seeing you be happy." 

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Christine Brown Candidly Speaks Out About Her Polygamous Marriage

Without mincing words, the entrepreneur shed light on the complexities of polygamy and her past experience in a candid conversation with Janelle Brown. The star, the first sister wife to part ways with her ex-husband, revealed her reservations about this unconventional family structure.

Opening up on an episode of the show, Christine expressed that while some may choose to embrace plural marriage, she personally found it challenging. She explained:

"I think if people wanna live [plural marriage], fine. But I just, to be honest with you, I don't see it as a great family structure and I really have a hard time with it, but I think once a guy finds the love of his life, the other women are sc—." 

The reality star did not hold back her frustration and admitted feeling "jaded" by her experience. She said, "I'm doing my best while not having a good day, believe me, but it still was a failure."

The author expressed a longing for more open communication from Kody, especially regarding his relationship with Robyn, who is now the only wife living with him. She also noted that the breaking point for her was when the family's patriarch started to distance himself from her children, which she felt affected his role as a father.

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