Christine Brown & David Woolley Tied The Knot With One 'Sister Wives' Cast Present

'Sister Wives' Fans Appreciate Christine Brown's Dig At Ex Kody

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 19, 2023 at 4:15 PM EDT

Christine Brown and her husband David Woolley have chosen Disneyland as one of their first honeymoon stops on their journey to forever!

The reality television star walked down the aisle with her new flame on October 7 in front of over 300 family and friends in Utah. Following the joyous occasion, the pair journeyed to Disneyland to celebrate their honeymoon and Christine didn't miss the chance to throw some shade at her ex-husband, Kody Brown.

Fans of the hit TLC show "Sister Wives" will recall that the 51-year-old reality star was the first "Sister Wife" to announce her separation from Kody, whom she spiritually married in 1994.

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Fans Celebrate 'Good Karma' As Christine Brown Honeymoons In Disneyland

To commemorate the beginning of a new chapter in her life seven months after announcing her engagement, Christine took a trip to the happiest place in the world. She and her husband were all smiles as they posed in multiple areas of Disneyland while donning matching black "I'm hers, He's mine" t-shirts.

The shirts also featured a giant white-painted hand pointing in opposite directions. David paired his shirt with cargo shorts and army green sneakers, his wife combined hers with blue jean shorts and white sneakers.

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As for the location itself, the besotted couple huddled together in front of a huge blue-themed castle before posing next to a fully-kitted character from the 1972 film, "The Erotomaniac Daimyo." While Christine simply smiled at the camera, her beau threw a finger-gun sign in the direction of the drama figure. In the caption, she wrote:

"I firmly believe in living my life like I believe in Karma. I LOVE my life and it brought me to the love of my life. #embracejoy #karma #liveyourbestlife #loveofmylife #myking #disneyland #vacation #mykeltiboughtustheseshirts."

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Fans immediately got the "good karma" reference and they took to the Instagram post's comment section to drop their thoughts and approval. One person goofed, like the karma reference..." as another recalled:

"When Kodi said he hoped you got your karma... every single viewer smiled and thought "oh she does"!!! You deserve it ALL!! So does Janelle! I want a show with just the 2 of you!"

"I'm so glad the 'karma' you had coming was good karma. I love seeing you be happy," a third fan gushed, while a fourth exclaimed, Hahaha!! The Kody karma reference is golden!! Live your life girl. Happiness looks amazing on you!!," and a fifth added, "Lol!!! I busted out laughing at last night's episode when Kody made the karma reference!!!"

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A sixth Instagram user declared, "Good karma. you suffered enough! I'll never forget how the season (17? Whichever season you left captivated me with your words. How you were done and deserved better. That message inspired so many to leave toxic relationships."

"I've always wondered how Robyn would feel if next week, Kody would bring somebody home giggling like a little schoolboy and courting her in front of her. Those were some painful times to watch," a seventh fan penned.

Only ONE 'Sister Wife' Partook In Christine's Wedding Ceremony

When Christine and David exchanged vows in a picturesque outdoor ceremony at Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah, two weeks ago. The planning process had its share of stress for the TLC star, who acknowledged the complexities of managing the guest list and potential family drama in. 

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"Sister Wives" cast attend MIKE TYSON SHOW OPENING IN VEGAS

Despite her concerns about a possible family drama, the television personality ensured that one of her "Sister Wives" co-stars was part of her big day — that person was Janelle Brown.

The move further cemented the strong and enduring bond that the former wives of Kody have built over the years. In a previous interview, the 51-year-old disclosed that she had made it clear to her lifetime partner how important Janelle is to her.

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Robyn Brown's Feud With Christine Brown

Those exact words from the seventh fan had played out before "Sister Wives" viewers when Kody brought in Robyn to be his fourth wife, years after spiritually marrying Christine as his third wife. Even though the move — and COVID — ultimately resulted in Christine leaving Kody and their marriage, Robyn has remained sour toward her. 

In fact, The Blast observed earlier this month that a recent episode of "Sister Wives" had shown Robyn and Meri discussing ongoing issues within the family dynamic, and they noted Kody's growing anger.

Robyn couldn't contain her frustration and blamed Christine, who left the formerly plural marriage in 2021, as the cause of Kody's emotional changes. She told Meri, Kody's first wife:

"What Christine has done is messed him up. He doesn't want to admit it, but it's the truth. Christine totally just destroyed his past. Like, what he thought was a functional situation. She basically said it was horrible." 

The 44-year-old stressed the intensity of Christine's constant sharing and communication, dubbing it an "every single minute of every single day type of thing." 

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