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Olivia Culpo Smolders In A White Bikini For Her Bachelorette Party

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By Kristin Myers on November 5, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST
Updated on November 5, 2023 at 6:14 PM EST

Model Olivia Culpo is celebrating her bachelorette party along with her two famous sisters, podcast host Aurora Culpo, and social media sensation Sophia Culpo, who are the three stars of “The Culpo Sisters” reality show.

In April 2023, the former pageant queen became engaged to NFL star Christian McCaffrey and she is finally ready to take a trip down the aisle! But first, she is celebrating her bachelorette party in style!

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Olivia Culpo Rocks A White Bikini On Day TWO Of Her Bachelorette Party

On day two of her bachelorette party, Miss Universe 2012 put on a steamy display in her white bikini. She covered up her toned abs with a white see-through skirt that allowed fans to still see the bikini bottoms that she was wearing underneath it. Her glowing tan clearly stood out against the white fabric as she posed with her hair tied back out of her face to show off her gold dangling hoop earrings.

Fans and famous friends were quick to celebrate her big day. “Wow! You are all having a blast. I’m so happy for you!” one fan commented. “You are a vision,” another follower gushed. “The most gorgeous ever,” a third fan agreed. “You are perfect,” another follower wrote. While some fans loved her dress, others couldn’t get enough of the cheeseburger photo on the last slide!

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Olivia Looks Like She Is Having A Blast At Her Bachelorette Party!

On the first day of her Bachelorette party, Olivia arrived in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in a private plane decorated with pink and white balloons. She donned a white dress and posed with her sisters at the event, ending the night with fireworks. In addition to a dinner by the ocean, Olivia also enjoyed cocktails with her family and famous friends ahead of her big day.

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Fans were over the moon to see Olivia so happy. “I just love how Olivia has such healthy relationships in her life. For someone famous, she has cultivated beautiful friendships and has such loyal friends. Through all this glitz you can see she really is so loved by these people. Just heartwarming to see! Have a brilliant time beautiful girl,” one fan commented. “Great stuff Olivia! Christian is very blessed to have you,” another follower shared.

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Olivia Culpo Turns Heads In Her Little White Dress!

In another Instagram post, the Rhode Island native shared a video of her little white dress set to Mitski’s “My Love Mine All Mine.” One fan called her “the most beautiful person on earth” while another follower exclaimed, “I love seeing how happy you are! A true bridal beauty!!!! Give us all the bach content queen!!!”

“You’re so gorgeous. I remember when you won Miss USA and then Miss Universe. You truly are the most beautiful woman in the world. So glad you found happiness,” a third fan gushed. “I was literally thinking of not having a bachelorette didn’t think I needed it and this trip officially changed my mind! Love this for you,” another follower shared as fans expressed their agreement!

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Sister Sophia Culpo Brings 'Barbie' Vibes To Olivia Culpo's Bachelorette Party!

Her younger sister, Sophia Culpo, also took to Instagram to share a few photos from day one of the bachelorette party. She wore a white sleeveless dress that ended in pink frills along with sparkling pink heels that matched her glittering pink purse. Her long dark hair highlighted her glowing tan as she posed for several photos. “Barbie’s bachelorette dream world,” she wrote in the caption of this Instagram post.

Fans absolutely loved her pink dress! “This dress and whole look is STUNNING on you!” one fan exclaimed. “Omg omg omg obsessed!!!! Gorgeous!!!! Goals!!!!” another follower agreed. “Love love looks great!! Our RI girl killing it!!” a third fan gushed. “Ahhhh there she is! The beautiful & classy Sophia! THIS kind of ‘glowing’ shining out of you, certainly isn’t from the make-up! You’re back! You’re really back & look happier than ever!” another follower chimed in.

Meanwhile, Olivia's older sister Aurora Culpo shared a "professional" thirst trap from day two of Olivia's bachelorette party! Fans can check out that steamy bikini snap by clicking here!

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