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Is Britney Spears Hinting At Getting Another Tattoo?

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By Kristin Myers on November 2, 2023 at 4:00 PM EDT

Pop star Britney Spears might be hinting that she is about to get another tattoo!

The Princess of Pop got a snake tattoo earlier this summer in honor of her 2001 MTV Video Music Awards performance, but she might be interested in getting another!

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Britney Spears Takes To Instagram To Share A New Tattoo... With A Twist!

On Thursday, November 2, the “Toxic” singer took to Instagram to share a photo of a tattoo... on someone else's body!

At first glance, fans thought that she might have gotten a new tattoo! However, she credited the photo to someone else, meaning that it’s not actually her skin that just got inked.

“All of human knowledge made us dumb,” the tattoo reads. It seems like it’s a sentiment that Britney can definitely agree with, which is why she decided to share it!

Although comments on her Instagram post were turned off, it did get over 12,000 likes within an hour of posting.

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Britney Got A Snake Tattoo Earlier This Year

As The Blast previously reported, Britney got two snake tattoos earlier this year while she was on vacation. However, it seems that the pop star might be looking into getting them covered up, as she has deleted both videos from her Instagram account. That being said, it looks like the "...Baby One More Time" is quite fond of snakes, especially after her 2001 MTV Video Music Awards performance!

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Before discussing the event in her memoir, the 41-year-old pop star reflected on the experience over a month before her memoir "The Woman In Me" was released. In the caption, she wrote, “One of my favorite performances was with an albino python … I still remember how scared I felt when I was handed this snake and took the stage !!! I talked more about this performance and other favorites in my book #TheWomanInMe. I can’t wait for you to read it on October 24.”

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Britney Says She Thought That The Giant Snake Would KILL Her!

In an excerpt from “The Woman In Me” published by People magazine, the "Oops!... I Did It Again" singer revealed that it was a lot more "terrifying" than it looked on the TV screen!

“The plan was for me to sing ‘I’m a Slave 4 U,’ and we decided I would use a snake as a prop. It’s become an iconic moment in VMAs history, but it was even more terrifying than it appeared,” Britney wrote in her memoir. “All I knew was to look down, because I felt if I looked up and caught its eye, it would kill me.”

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“In my head I was saying, Just perform, just use your legs and perform. But what nobody knows is that as I was singing, the snake brought its head right around to my face, right up to me, and started hissing,” she continued. “I was thinking, Are you f—ing serious right now? The f—ing god— snake’s tongue is flicking out at me. Right. Now. Finally, I got to the part where I handed it back, thank God.”

Britney Spears' Memoir Has Sold Over A Million Copies So Far!

On Wednesday, November 1, the "Crossroads" actress took to social media to announce that her memoir, which had sold over a million copies a little over a week after it was released, was now a #1 NY Times Bestseller!

She thanked fans for their support, writing, "Thank you to all the fans who made #TheWomanInMe a #1 @nytimes bestseller ? … it means the world to me !!! Love you all ??? !!!"

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