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Why Heidi Klum’s 2023 Halloween Costume Is ‘Ruffling Feathers’

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By Kristin Myers on November 1, 2023 at 9:00 AM EDT

Model Heidi Klum is ruffling a few feathers with her 2023 Halloween costume!

The 50-year-old model enlisted the help of Cirque du Soleil to make her costume larger than life!

Let's take a look back at Tuesday, October 31, to see all the hints Heidi shared about her costume throughout the day!

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Heidi Klum Enjoyed Some Charcuterie Before Slipping Into Her Costume!

Clearly, Heidi was not worried about fitting into her costume, as the “America’s Got Talent” judge started the day by putting a plate of Halloween-themed charcuterie on her lap, showing off her bare legs.

In addition to tomatoes and rolled meat wraps, it looks like Heidi might have also thrown an egg on there, decorated to look like an eyeball. In the caption, she dropped a few Halloween-themed emojis, like a pumpkin and a ghost.

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Heidi Is Getting Ready To Fit Into Her Costume!

Last year’s Halloween costume took a lot of prep work! It looked like Heidi was a little nervous as she traveled to get into her costume wearing a black and white skeleton bodysuit.

She is holding the hand of her husband, Tom Kaulitz, for support as he snaps the photo. It could also be that Heidi was trying to get some shut-eye underneath her sunglasses, as she was in for a long night!

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Fans Think Heidi Klum Might Be An Alien This Year!

On Tuesday afternoon, Heidi Klum posted a close-up look at her face.

Fans had no idea what she was supposed to be, but the bumpy skin on her forehead made some speculate that she might have been going as an alien this year!

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What Is Heidi's Costume Supposed To Be This Year?

Fans had no more clarity as to what her Halloween costume would truly be as she shared a short video clip of her posing in a face full of make-up and prosthetics.

The bumpy skin on her forehead stretches across the top of her head and down the sides, while a red gossamer scarf is wrapped around her face and neck.

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Heidi Klum FINALLY Gives Fans A Look At Her Real Halloween Costume!

Fans had to wait a few hours before she finally posted a photo of her posing in a blue bodysuit that featured a peacock-shaped mask. She enlisted the help of Cirque du Soleil in order to bring the costume to life.

There are at least ten different individuals that pose beside her to make up the wings of her giant peacock costume, clearly outdoing the giant worm costume that she dressed in last year!

Heidi Klum Enlisted Cirque Du Soleil To Make Her Halloween Costume Come To Life!

In another photo, Heidi shared a photo of her standing on someone’s legs in order to make her costume truly larger than life. Everyone posing together to create her feathers was truly a sight to behold.

In the caption of this Instagram post, Heidi wrote, “@cirquedusoleil we did it 😍 thanks for making this Peacock’s Halloween dreams come true 🦚 #HeidiHalloween2023.”

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Check Out A Video Of Their Acrobatics!

In collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, the Queen of Halloween also posted a video that featured the performers doing headstands and other elaborate stunts while Heidi posed in her giant blue peacock bodysuit.

Amazon Prime Video, who Heidi has partnered with in the past to bring her Halloween dreams to life, wrote in the caption, “Bet you didn’t see that coming. Heidi Klum is ruffling feathers at #HeidiHalloween2023.” Since Heidi didn’t post this video, comments were allowed!

What Do Fans Think Of Heidi Klum’s 2023 Halloween Costume?

Heidi Klum spreads her wings! Queen of Halloween dresses up as a PEACOCK

Fans had a variety of reactions to her Halloween costume this year, although many fans loved it a lot more than last year’s earthworm!

“Imagine someone asking what you were for Halloween ‘Oh I was Heidi Klum’s legs,’” one fan joked.

“She’ll ALWAYS find a way to top her previous costumes this is insane,” another follower wrote.

“She threw us off with the red cape! This is so fun!” a third fan chimed in, referring to her earlier alien-like video.

“OMG this is on a whole new level,” another follower commented, while several fans called it her “best” costume yet!

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Unfortunately, Not Everyone Loved Heidi's Peacock Ensemble Costume!

Heidi Klum spreads her wings! Queen of Halloween dresses up as a PEACOCK

Unfortunately, it failed to please everyone. “I think we expected a lot more from you... after all, last year you shocked the world with your costume, this year it's a bit boring... but hey, I believe next time will be much better!” one user commented.

“If you do not have to say something nice why bother saying something at all? Keep your negative Vibe to yourself,” one fan clapped back while another follower wrote, “Disagree. It’s beautiful and cool.” Fortunately, most of her 11.7 million Instagram followers seem to love her 2023 Halloween costume… and can’t wait to see how she plans to top it next year!

Fans can take a look back at some photos that she posted and hints that she dropped over Halloween weekend by clicking here!

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