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Jen Selter Bares Her Buns In Three Revealing Halloween Costumes

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By Kristin Myers on October 31, 2023 at 8:30 PM EDT

Model Jen Selter is never shy to put her sunned buns on display, even on Halloween!

The 30-year-old fitness coach couldn't choose a costume this year, so she had her followers pick one out for her! Fortunately or unfortunately, it looks like they couldn't make up their minds as to which one they liked best either!

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Jen Selter Goes 'Suns Out, Buns Out' ... On Halloween!

Over the weekend, it looked like Jen couldn’t decide on a Halloween costume this year as she shared several different outfits with her followers. She shared a few outfits that featured her dressed as a Dalmatian puppy, a space cadet,  and Woody from “Toy Story.” In the caption, she wrote, “Happy Halloween weekend!! Which costume is your favorite?!”

“All of them Jen...but you look lovely like a little puppy,” one fan commented. “I love all of your Halloween costumes but I like the first one better,” another follower shared. “I liked seeing the beautiful American cowboy girl,” a third fan shared. “I love the cowgirl look!” another follower exclaimed while Jen let her fans know that she got all of her costumes from @shopforplay in the comments.

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Jen Shares Some Monday Motivation One Day Before Halloween!

On Monday, October 30, Jen gave fans some Monday motivation one day before Halloween! She walked up her Stair Master in her underwear before she suddenly transitioned into a workout fit and sneakers. She later grabbed a free weight in order to get some resistance training in before she indulged in some Halloween candy!

“#MondayMotivation time! Kickstart your week by breaking a sweat and setting the tone for the rest of the week! How you start your Monday sets the tone for the entire week. Let’s crush it together - join me on the @fitplan_app!” she wrote in the caption of this Instagram post. “Stay on track and never forget: When you feel like quitting, remember why you started! You got this. Your only competition? Yesterday’s you!”

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Fans were quick to gush over this video. “Fabulously gorgeous, looking very beautiful dear. So cute and pretty. Truly mesmerizing,” one fan commented. “Natural beauty art, beautiful and wonderful,” another follower shared. “Best [peach emoji] on the Internet,” a third fan teased while another follower called her “stunning.”

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Jen Shares Her Storage Secret For Apartment Living!

It’s no secret that Jen has a pair of shoes to go with every outfit, leaving many fans wondering where she finds the closet space! In one recent Instagram post, she revealed where she keeps her shoes… under her bed! "Low on closet space in your apartment? Say less," Jen wrote in the caption.

"Storage beds are a total game-changer! Now, my sneakers have their own VIP section. I keep my go-to pairs within reach and, yup, I’m that clean freak who washes the soles after each wear! Tag someone who needs a storage bed ASAP!" she added. Fans were just as impressed with her shoe collection as her organization!

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Jen Selter Shares A Recipe For Dark Chocolate Apple Pops!

On Halloween, Jen donned a two-piece gym fit to show her followers how to make a new culinary confection: chocolate-dipped apple pops! She doesn’t share the ingredients or the step-by-step process of making these in the caption of her post, but fans can follow along by watching the video to see how she cuts the apples, melts the chocolate with a little bit of coconut oil, dips her apple pops in the chocolate, and then uses peanut butter and yogurt to make an optional swirl.

Jen lets these harden in the freezer before consuming so the chocolate has time to set, but fans might have a hard time waiting to indulge! “You know I’m all about that dark chocolate and fruit life!” she wrote in the caption along with the emoji of a chocolate bar and an apple. “Biting into those massive caramel apples was always a mission for me... So, why not simplify and slice em up!? You NEED to try these chocolate-dipped apple pops—made with dark chocolate, and then drizzled with peanut butter and yogurt,” she wrote, calling her recipe an introduction to “Flava city.”

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Interested in more Jen Selter content? In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation flaunted her sunned buns on the edge of the rooftop pool in a thong bikini! Fans can check out that steamy display by clicking here!

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