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'Baywatch' Star Donna D’Errico In Black Lingerie Poses With A Pumpkin

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By Kristin Myers on October 30, 2023 at 6:00 PM EDT

Actress Donna D'Errico is ready to celebrate Halloween in style!

The "Baywatch" star took to Instagram on Monday morning to share a photo of her decked out in black lingerie and posing with a pumpkin in her lap. Donna shared at least one of the three photos in the carousel last week, and in the caption, she explained why she had to delete the first photo and repost it!

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Donna D'Errico Is Ready For Halloween In Black Lingerie

On Monday, October 30, the “Baywatch” actress took to Instagram to share three photos of her posing with a pumpkin in her lap. She is wearing lacy black lingerie to fit the black and orange theme of the Halloween season. Donna posted this photo before and then had to delete it due to the shadow ban against her Instagram account. As she explained in the caption:

“Here’s another photo that had to be removed in order to lift the shadow ban on my account after a group of women haters went through my account reporting all my posts. There’s nothing wrong with these photos, so I’m turning right back around and reposting them. Have a beautiful day. Hater women: Feel better about yourselves. Build up other women. In doing so, you can shine, too. Failing that, I guess you can simply kiss my a--.”

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Many fans were frustrated that Donna is being unfairly targeted when many other influencers and celebrities post photos wearing much less clothing. “I don't understand why these photos are an issue,” one fan commented. “Unbelievable. There is definitely more nudity around. This is classy. Haters,” another follower wrote. “These photos are phenomenal. People who hate them need to reexamine their own lives,” a third fan chimed in while another follower told her to “never stop” posting.

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That's Not The Only Post That Donna Has Had To Repost Recently!

Over the weekend, the “Frank and Penelope” actress shared a video of her taking a stroll through a garden while wearing a navy blue drawstring bikini. She places one foot in front of the other as she walks toward the camera, showing off her fit physique and glowing tan. Donna revealed that she had to reshare this video too, writing:

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“There’s a group of women haters who routinely report all of my posts because it makes them feel better about themselves to see a thriving, confident woman get shadow banned and have to keep taking down all of her posts. Here is one of the many they organized their efforts to report. I had to remove it, and many others, to get my shadow ban lifted. So I’m putting it right back up. Using technology to bully is still, in fact, bullying. And Donna doesn’t get bullied.”

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Many fans continued to share their support for Donna in the comments. “I want you to know I love your content and I say just keep doing you and let them hate. I matter what we got your back,” one fan commented. “There are so many jealous people in this world, ignore them, stay beautiful as you are, and post what you feel is proper,” another follower wrote. “They need to not hate the player. But hate the game. And if you don't know how to play, find another hobby. You rock!!!!” a third fan exclaimed while another follower praised her “positivity.”

Donna D'Errico Is Spreading Awareness For An Important Cause

In another Instagram post, the former "Battlebots" host raised awareness for an important event while channeling Halloween vibes in a stunning orange dress.

"Thank you to @lc4a @chrisderoseofficial and @vitomaria4 for the wonderful and important work you do for the animals and for inviting me to your annual gala at the beautiful @beverlyhilton. Thank you @jaymekav for the beautiful hair and makeup," she wrote. "You made me feel pretty. Thank you @styledbycristina for putting me into such a gorgeous @laquan_smith gown and #pacorabanne bag and for keeping my look cruelty-free."

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"I felt like a pretty butterfly my first time back on a carpet in over a year. I need to get out more often. I struggle with self-esteem and self-consciousness, but last night was lovely," she continued. "Thank you to my son @rhyan_derrico for being at my side, you always are a shining light, and to my beautiful friend @ira_mira for coming and elevating the evening."

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Over the weekend, she shared a video of her posing in the orange dress.

“Thanks @extratv for covering this and helping bring awareness for the animals,” she added.

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