Alan Hamel & Suzanne Somers at the 30th Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala

Suzanne Somers Read Husband's Birthday Poem Then Peacefully Passed In Her Sleep

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 16, 2023 at 9:30 AM EDT
Updated on October 16, 2023 at 9:34 AM EDT

Suzanne Somers' husband, Alan Hamel, gave her a heartfelt early birthday gift before she passed away on Sunday morning.

The 87-year-old gifted the former "Step by Step" star a "handwritten love poem wrapped in her favorite pink peonies." Somers tragically passed away one day before what would have been her 77th birthday following her years-long battle with breast cancer.

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Suzanne Somers' Husband Wowed Her One Last Time Before Her 'Peaceful' Passing

Shortly after Somers' longtime publicist, R. Couri Hay, confirmed the actress' passing to the world on Sunday morning in a statement, he divulged new information about her last hours on earth.

According to the gossip columnist, the "Three's Company" alum's husband of 46 years wrote her a sweet poem and "gave it to her a day early. She read the poem, went to bed, and later passed away peacefully in her sleep."

An excerpt of the poem, which was originally written in all caps, began, "Love I use it every day, sometimes several times a day. I use it at the end of emails to my loving family. I even use it in emails to close friends. I use it when I'm leaving the house."

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"There's love, then love you and I love you!! Therein lies some of the different ways we use love. Sometimes I feel obliged to use love, responding to someone who signed love in their email, when I'm uncomfortable using love but I use it anyway," the poem continued as reported by PEOPLE.

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Suzanne Somers and her husband, Alan Hamel seen outside Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood
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Per the outlet, Hamel listed out all the things he loved, including his home, his cat, the "taste of a freshly harvested organic Royal jumbo medjool date," and "watching two giant blackbirds who live nearby swooping by my window in a power dive." The Canadian entertainer added, "My daily life encompasses things and people I love and things and people I am indifferent to." 

"I could go on ad infinitum, but you get it. What brand of love do I feel for my wife Suzanne? Can I find it in any of the above? A resounding no!!!! There is no version of the word that is applicable to Suzanne and I even use the word applicable advisedly," he wrote.

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As the poem progressed, Hamel reiterated that there was no word to describe his love for his wife by claiming that "unconditional love," taking a bullet for Somers and being together for more than five decades didn't cover it. He concluded:

"I'm back to feelings. There are no words. There are no actions. No promises. No declarations. Even the green shaded scholars of the Oxford University Press have spent 150 years and still have failed to come up with that one word. So I Will call it, 'us', uniquely, magically, indescribably wonderful 'us.'"

Despite the sadness following the news of her death, fans are beyond glad that Hamel got to do something this heartwarming for his now-late wife. At the time of her passing, Ray had written in a statement:

"Suzanne Somers passed away peacefully at home in the early morning hours of Oct. 15. She survived an aggressive form of breast cancer for over 23 years. Suzanne was surrounded by her loving husband, Alan [Hamel], her son, Bruce, and her immediate family. Her family was gathered to celebrate her 77th birthday on October 16th. Instead, they will celebrate her extraordinary life, and want to thank her millions of fans and followers who loved her dearly."

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The ‘Three’s Company’ Star Marked A Marital Milestone With Her Husband Earlier This Year

Months before her death, Somers had shared an exciting Instagram post celebrating a major milestone in her love life. She posted a selfie with her husband, taken many years ago, alongside a more recent picture of them.

In the accompanying caption, the "Knockout" author penned,"Still smiling 55 years later ☺️ #TBT ?," hinting at their enduring love on their latest anniversary. You'd recall that the lovebirds exchanged vows in 1977 after a decade of dating, thus making it her 46th wedding anniversary with Hamel. 

The Blast reported that thanks to the still evident affection in the recent photo, fans swapped into the comments to celebrate the occasion with her. One person gushed:

"You both are the true meaning of "Love"!! Just watching you puts a smile on my face! God Bless you both and hope you have many more years! Here's to finding "the" one and only! Finally at 60, I have found mine!!"

"Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds! When you marry your soulmate it makes the ride we call life so much better! It's RARE and as precious as a jewel!," a second person added. The post has gotten nearly 9k likes since Somers created it in January. 

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