Madonna Breaks Silence On 'Unfathomable' Attack In Israel

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 9, 2023 at 10:15 AM EDT

Prominent A-list celebrity, Madonna, has joined other entertainers like Guy Oseary and Gal Gadot, in offering their support to Israel as the nation grapples with the repercussions of the deadly Hamas attack. This backing arrives in the wake of a staggering death toll in Israel, with over 700 casualties recorded since the commencement of the military assault on Saturday morning.

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Madonna's Support For Israel Resulted In A Divisive Debate From Her Fans

Madonna has taken a break from her rigorous rehearsals for her upcoming twelfth concert tour, "The Celebration Tour," to show her solidarity with Israel. For that, the "Like a Virgin" performer uploaded a clip that featured a male voice recounting all that has happened since "terrorist units invaded the territories of Israel driving cars and motorcycles."

"While they were taking hostages and killing civilians, some of their units drove to a party, started shooting everyone they saw. Parents are still looking for their children, not knowing what happened to them," the voice detailed further. The multiple award winning artist's upload was made even more harrowing by her lengthy caption, which she began by writing:

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"What is Happening in Israel is Devastating.. Watching all of these families and especially children being herded, assaulted and murdered in the streets is Heartbreaking. Imagine if this was happening to you?? It's Un-fathomable."

After noting that humanity doesn't understand that  "conflicts can never be resolved with violence," the "Like a Prayer" singer continued, "My heart goes out to Israel. To Families and Homes that have been destroyed. To children who are lost. To Innocent Victims who have Been Killed. To All who are Suffering or who will suffer from this conflict."

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Madonna wrapped by emphasizing that she's praying for the embattled country while maintaining her awareness "that this is the work of Hamas and there are many innocent people in Palestine who do not support this terrorist organization."

Instead of uniting her nearly 20 million followers, the Instagram post caused a division, with many people calling the "Material Girl" hitmaker for her ignorance on the subject. 

"Only if you had posted, honestly, one single word against the daily violence Palestinian civilians suffer from until now, this post would have meant something," one person expressed, as another commented, "i didn't see any post of you when Israel was attacking Palestine. feels like the palestinians don't deserve your attention."

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Meanwhile, this Instagram user penned, "thank you for your support. We are people of peace - the past day of horrific news gives the world the perspective of what type of terrorists we are living next to. This has to STOP."

Prior to Madonna's post, Israeli-born Guy Oseary had also taken to his Instagram page to share a slew of viral footage highlighting harrowing scenes from the Hamas attacks. As reported by The Blast, the talent manager penned in the accompanying caption:

"This is horrific.. these murders are being celebrated by the government/regime in Iran. Many women, children, and elderly are being taken from their homes and kidnapped. I have always prayed for peace. ALWAYS. I have always spoken up for my Jewish community and have also spoken up for my Arab brothers and sisters. I have no words today. Only heartbreak. Only tears."

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The Death & Injury Toll Keeps Rising As Israeli Defence Asks For 'Complete Siege'


As clashes to expel Palestinian militants from southern border towns entered a third day, Israel's defense minister, Yoav Gallant, has issued a directive for a "complete siege" of the long-blockaded Gaza Strip. This action comes as a significant incursion that has resulted in hundreds of casualties and triggered retaliatory Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

As The New York Times reported, Gallant stated that Gaza will be cut off from fuel, electricity, food, and water, effectively intensifying the existing 16-year blockade on the territory. Similarly, Lt. Col. Richard Hecht of the Israel Defense Forces reported on Monday that in some areas, troops were still engaged in combat with militants who initiated their attack on Israel on Saturday. 

Israel's chief military spokesman, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, later confirmed that the army had regained control of the border communities. He, however, acknowledged the possibility of remaining militants in the area, as exchanges of fire continued near the Israeli village of Kfar Azza, close to the border.

The conflict has resulted in over 700 casualties in Israel and significant destruction in Gaza, with hundreds of targets struck, including buildings linked to Hamas. Reports indicate that civilian casualties are rising, with a mosque, marketplace, homes, and multistory buildings among the damaged structures. In Gaza, authorities report at least 560 Palestinians killed and over 2,900 injured.

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