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Madonna Unveils Rescheduled Celebration Tour Dates As She Begins Rehearsals After Scary Health Crisis

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By Favour Adegoke on August 16, 2023 at 7:30 PM EDT

Legendary musician Madonna has resumed rehearsals for her much-anticipated Celebration Tour after her hospitalization in June. 

Taking over New York City's Nassau Coliseum, she's preparing for the global show, with an additional UK venue secured for dress rehearsals before her opening night in London on October 14.

Following her health scare, the pop icon expressed gratitude for her support system and shared a framed photo gift that reminded her of life's value.

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Madonna Resumes Celebration Tour Rehearsals

MADONNA Performing at the Sandbox pride Nyc show

Madonna is back rehearsing for her highly anticipated Celebration Tour after her shocking hospitalization in June. The 64-year-old pop icon has taken over New York City's Nassau Coliseum for two months of preparation for the global tour.

Additionally, she has reportedly secured a venue in the UK for rehearsals before her opening night at London's O2 Arena on October 14. A source shared with The Sun that Madonna is in recovery but "has been chomping at the bit to get back to rehearsals."

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According to the insider, Madonna has not only booked the Coliseum in New York but also reserved another venue in London for the final week of dress rehearsals. "Normally she would like to have the final week in the same venue she kicks off in but due to Blink 182's comeback gigs at the O2 her team won't be able to get access until the day before," the source added.

This tight timeline means Madonna will have less than 48 hours to make her final preparations before hitting the stage.

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Rescheduled Dates For Madonna's Celebration Tour

Madonna at the 2018 MTV VMA's - Press Room

Madonna's Celebration Tour is set to begin in London on October 14, shifting from its initial start in Vancouver, Canada, by three months.

Many US dates have been postponed to 2024, with a few cancellations. The tour, initially intended to mark the 40th anniversary of her iconic single "Holiday," follows her theatre-focused Madame X performances in 2019 and 2020.

After four sold-out O2 Arena performances, the tour will journey through France, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, and Germany before returning to London for two additional December shows—afterward, the tour heads to the US, Canada, and Mexico with rescheduled dates, per BBC.

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However, complications have arisen due to venue changes required by some cities, leading to cancellations in Tulsa, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. Unfortunately, a Nashville concert that aimed to support trans rights organizations on December 22 has also been removed from the schedule.

Refunds for canceled shows will be processed at the original point of purchase. Original ticket holders will receive refunds and priority access to the rescheduled shows.

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Madonna Says She's 'Lucky To Be Alive'

Madonna Breaks Silence On Her Near Death Hospitalization: 'I'm On The Road To Recovery'
Instagram | Madonna

The tour update comes after Madonna expressed her gratitude for being alive after a serious health scare in June. The "Material Girl" hitmaker acknowledged her "incredible support system" and the love she received during her hospitalization. 

"I saw a side to them I had never seen before. It made all the difference. So did the love and support from my friends," she said.

In an Instagram post accompanied by a photo of her holding a framed picture, Madonna detailed her feelings of gratitude. "If you zoom into this Picture I am holding, You will see A Polaroid taken by Andy Warhol of Keith Haring wearing a jacket with Michael Jackson's face painted on it. A perfect triangle of Brilliance," she gushed.

She continued, "Artist who touched so many lives, including my own. I sobbed when I opened this gift because I realized how lucky I am to be alive. And how fortunate I am to have known these people and so many others who are also gone."

Madonna extended her thanks to her longtime manager Guy Oseary for the meaningful gift and concluded by expressing her appreciation to all those who supported her, allowing her to continue her work. She said, "Thank you to all my angels who protected me and let me Stay to finish doing my work!"

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'I'm On The Road To Recovery'

Madonna Looks Radiant In New Snaps Holding Roses And A Plushy Amid Recovery From A Bacterial Infection
Instagram | Madonna

On June 24, Madonna was discovered slumped on the floor of her New York City apartment, leading to her urgent hospitalization and placement in the ICU. Per Radar Online, the Queen of Pop received an injection of Narcan, a drug commonly used to reverse suspected drug overdoses to counter acute septic shock, before being taken to the hospital.

After a period of silence, Madonna finally spoke about her ordeal on July 10 through social media. She expressed gratitude for the positive energy, prayers, and supportive words she had received, stating, "Thank you for your positive energy, prayers, and words of healing and encouragement. I have felt your love. I'm on the road to recovery and incredibly grateful for all the blessings in my life."

In the statement, the mother of six also emphasized her foremost concern upon waking up in the hospital was "her children," and her "second thought was that I did not want to disappoint anyone who bought tickets for my tour."

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