Orlando Bloom Joining Fiancée Katy Perry On 'Peppa Pig' Sparks Conspiracy Theory

Orlando Bloom Joining Katy Perry On 'Peppa Pig' Sparks Conspiracy Theory

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 3, 2023 at 1:30 AM EDT

Orlando Bloom shares the backlash with his beloved fiancée Katy Perry as fans rip the power couple to shreds for daring to star on a children's show!

The internet bared its fangs against the "Troy" star as he became the latest voice actor to join the animated series "Peppa Pig." The Hollywood hunk's new gig came shortly after his lover was announced as one of the program's stars for their upcoming 20th-anniversary special.

In case you missed it, the "Dark Horse" songstress and her beau became the public's enemy following their legal drama with an elderly man over a property. The past weeks have seen the lovebirds receive harsh criticisms, and their new show only sparked more outrage.

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Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry Mercilessly Trolled For Their 'Peppa Pig' Feature

The "Lord of the Rings" star will feature on the children's TV show for the program's upcoming 20th anniversary episode, "The Peppa Pig Wedding Party Special." Per Entertainment Weekly, Bloom will voice the character Mr. Raccoon, a jeweler with a critical role.

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Orlando Bloom's post on his Instagram page
Instagram | Orlando Bloom
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The fictional animal will help the show's stars, Mr. Bull and Ms. Cow, prepare for their wedding — a role similar to his partner's character. Perry, who voices Ms. Leopard, supports the nuptials process by helping the Peppa Pig community prepare.

The couple reportedly completed their work for the kids' show before the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike began. While their voice acting gigs did not break the union's rules, they did not win any hearts as fans trolled the pair on social media platforms like X.

Conspiracy theorists linked the duo's animation feature to their viral property dispute with an older man, noting the couple did not deserve to be on the show. One critic quipped: "These two being on a children's show while abusing the elderly is insane but ok."

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"Kids show propaganda to distract you from the fact that the couple are stealing houses from our grandparents for fun," another displeased fan claimed. "They gotta pay those legal fees somehow," a third teased while other X users came up with various mean plots about the upcoming "Peppa Pig" episode.

"Will him and Katie instigate a legal battle with Peppa's parents over their estate as well?" Someone wondered. A fellow conspiracy theorist chimed: "An episode where Ms. Leopard and Mr. Raccoon try to evict old Peppa Pig."

The trolling continued with another jester declaring, "The episode is about how they come and try to kick Peppa's grandma out of her house. Another critic sarcastically asked, "Did Ms. Leopard take advantage of Mr. Raccoon's dying grandparents?"

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Perry received similar backlash when her part in the "Peppa Pig" 20th anniversary special was announced days earlier—in a statement from the program's parent company, Hasbro Entertainment, President Olivier Dumont gushed about having the "Roar" songstress in the TV show.

"As a loving parent and fan of Peppa herself, Katy Perry is a perfect fit to voice the character of Ms. Leopard," Dumont claimed. Despite his high praises, fans were more concerned about why an alleged elderly abuser would be in a children's show.

As stated, Perry and Bloom got into a property dispute with an 84-year-old veteran named Carl Westcott. The Billboard Women in Music Award honoree got involved with the older man in 2020 following an attempt to purchase his Santa Barbara home for $15 million.

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Westcott and his family have since filed a lawsuit against the AMA winner and her fiancé to prevent the property's sale. On the other hand, the couple retaliated by asking for $2.6 million in damages.

Katy Perry's Property Dispute Seemingly Inspires A Bill To Protect The Elderly From Her

Amid the "California Gurls" songstress' legal battle with Westcott and his family, a new bill targeting elder abuse has received traction.

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Orlando Bloom gushes over fiancée Katy Perry

Days after Perry and Westcott's trial began, efforts to introduce the Protecting Elder Realty for Retirement Years Act intensified. The bill, known as the Katy Perry Act, will address "the risks of elder financial abuse, especially as it relates to property and real estate sales and transfers" if adopted.

A website dedicated to the bill explained that "the Act establishes a 72-hour cool-down period during which either party involved in a contract for conveyance of a personal residence, in which one party is over the age of 75, can rescind the agreement without penalty."

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This announcement sparked controversial theories on X as users believed the bill was necessary to protect elders and their homes from Perry. In the comments, someone recalled how the "Firework" hitmaker's previous real estate battle seemingly caused a nun's death.

Per the netizen's post, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman died in March 2018 amid a court battle opposing Perry's $14.5 million purchase of an 8-acre convent in Los Angeles.

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