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‘Kourtney’ Keeps Trending As Fans Take Sides In ‘The Kardashians’ Feud

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By Kristin Myers on September 28, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian is trending again after an explosive fight that she had with her sister Kim Kardashian was featured in the latest episode of "The Kardashians."

Fans have been taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their opinion and reveal who they are supporting in the feud.

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Kourtney Kardashian Wants Kim Kardashian To Stop Being A Celebrity And Start Being A Sister Amid 'The Kardashians' Argument

One fan summed up the sister's dramatic phone call best, explaining that Kourtney just wanted the SKIMS founder to show up to her wedding to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker as a sister instead of as a celebrity. “Right! And Kim complaining about everything, imagine being a bride and suspecting that your own sister is not happy at your wedding,” another follower chimed in. “That’s the worst feeling ever,” another fan agreed.

“And she’s like your wedding wasn’t ‘original’ like excuse me!! How could you say that to your sister, and if 90’s Dolce has been done before why did she collaborate with them???” another follower asked.

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“The fact that people are comfortable enough to go to Kim and talk s--- about Kourtney instead of just going to Kourtney it's because they know Kim will entertain it because who creates a group to talk about how their sister has changed and still says they want what's best for her,” another fan commented.

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Some Fans Think No One Is In The 'Right' Here: 'This Entire Family Sucks'

Others felt that the “entire family” sucks but noted that Kourtney was the one getting the short end of the stick. “This entire family sucks. They were super supportive of Kourtney being with toxic Scott and rooted for them to get back together,” they wrote. “Kourt suddenly gets into a relationship where she seems loved right and suddenly ‘something is wrong with her’ Lol!”

“Maybe because someone who's happy in themselves doesn't change their entire life, personality, and image to be exactly the same as their new partner it's weird. And Kim now knows this after coming out the other side of a similar situation with her ex,” another user offered, sharing a different side to the conversation.

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“Lol, except Kim was a nobody and launched into a mega celebrity after marrying Kanye. He made her high fashion. He made her brand. He created her image. The one she still uses to make money. Kourtney is allowed to find her own image and be happy,” another netizen offered.

“Kim literally made every single one of them famous, no one even knew of their existence before Kim became someone. And I don't particularly like either of them so I'm not siding with the one I 'like the most' there isn't one. I'm calling it as I see it, and Kim wasn't happy either,” they replied.

Kourtney Kardashian Wants Kim To Be A Sister... Not A Business Partner!

Other fans felt that the argument was based on a fundamental disagreement about the nature of their relationship. Although Kourtney wants Kim to be a sister, one user speculated that Kim views their relationship as more transactional and views her family members as business partners.

“Sometimes you just need a warm family to feel safe around, not people that will exploit you and your emotional wellbeing. The quicker Kourtney realizes that there's no family the better,” one user commented.

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“True, but she better be quick with her decision. This ‘back and forth’ has gone on for far too long. Besides she has been made wealthy from her family's businesses & lifestyle. Kourtney should stop crying wolf. If she is truly unhappy, she can exit the show,” another netizen shared, but other users were quick to say that there is probably a contract in place that prevents her from doing just that.

Fans Are SHOCKED To Hear About The Group Chat!

Other followers were surprised to hear that there was a “group chat” where Kim and her friends were apparently gossiping about Kourtney behind her back. “Kim has just shown that she is not trustworthy. If those friends and Kourtney’s children had come to her, she would have just betrayed their trust by telling Kourtney without their consent. Also, a real sister would suggest talking to Kourtney directly. I think Kim is a bully,” one user commented.

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“Honestly, I’d make sure Kim was never near my children again,” another follower wrote. Although another fan said that Kim only said what she said “to get a point across to make Kourtney feel bad and think that something is wrong with her,” they acknowledged that Kim “shouldn’t have involved the kids.” Another user agreed, writing, “It’s very disgusting to bring up her kids like that.”

So Which Sister Is Really In The 'Right'?

Another user ventured, “If being on Kourtney’s side I wrong, then I don’t want to be right.”

“No, but actually, I think they’re both flawed here. It’s unfortunate that Kim took it to the next level, the empty ‘Are you happy?’, then mentioning her friends, kids, and this ‘secret society’ they’ve formed to make her seem like she’s got backup to prove she is the problem? If this is Kim’s way of showing she cares then idk, but she responded like a narcissist,” another user offered.

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