(FILE) Britney Spears Is Engaged to Sam Asghari After Nearly 5 Years Together

Britney Spears' Ex Sam Asghari Ditches His Shirt On The Track

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By Kristin Myers on September 24, 2023 at 4:00 PM EDT

Actor Sam Asghari continues to flaunt his muscles amid his divorce from pop star Britney Spears.

The 29-year-old actor filed for divorce from the 41-year-old pop star on August 16, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

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Sam Asghari Hits The Track While Britney Spears Dances On The Pole

Sam Asghari Ditches His Shirt On The Track
Instagram | Sam Asghari

On Sunday afternoon, the “Special Ops: Lioness” actor took to Instagram to share a video of him standing shirtless on the track in blue shorts and black sneakers. He is wearing sunglasses as he looks over at the camera, flexing his large muscles. “Track work,” he wrote in the caption along with a checkmark emoji.

“Nice one, Sam!” one fan commented. “Keep it up!” another follower encouraged. “Looking fit,” a third fan chimed in. “We all would rather see this than any vulgar pole dance,” another follower wrote, referring to the pole dancing video that the pop star posted on Saturday night.

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Britney Spears Shares Another Pole Dancing Video On Instagram

On Saturday night, the Princess of Pop took to Instagram to share a video that featured her dancing against a pink pole in a tiny two-piece and black heels. She moves her hips in front of the camera, letting her long blonde hair fall around her face as she films herself in one of the many mirrors that are set up around the pole.

She set the music in this video to Beyoncé’s hit song “Don’t Hurt Yourself” featuring Jack White and dropped three “??????” emojis in the caption. However, comments on her Instagram post, like many of her recent Instagram posts, have been turned off.

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Sam Asghari Has Been Spending A Lot Of Time In The Gym Lately!

Only two days ago, the 29-year-old actor took to Instagram to share a black and white video of him working his muscles at the gym. He has a towel draped over his head as he flexes, showing off his muscular body. He didn’t write anything in the caption, but the comments on this post were extremely divisive as fans took sides in the divorce.

“If you’re with Britney Spears for six years only to marry her for one year then just BOUNCE, then you broke your vows?” one fan asked, most likely referring to “til death do us part.” Another follower wrote, “You would be a nobody without Britney,” which sparked a lengthy debate in the comments.

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Sam Asghari Returns Instagram In Shirtless Gym Thirst Trap
Instagram | Sam Asghari
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“Not true. He has money and a career before her. Go educate yourself. Look at him. You think he’s hurting for her money?” one fan asked. “Obviously he does need her money! She pays for his $10k a month apartment, but hey, he doesn’t need her money,” another follower sarcastically added, referring to how Britney is the one paying for his apartment, according to TMZ.

“He’s not the problem here people. I’m sure he tolerated all he could. You people are so obsessed with Britney that you wouldn’t even care if it was her fault they split. I’m sure it was. If you don’t like him get out of here. Duh. I’m staying a fan. You go Sam. You do you!!” another fan exclaimed.

'I Don't Understand The Hate For This Guy'

“Thank God you’re on your own now! She didn’t deserve someone like you who was treating her like a princess!!!” another follower shared. “He was treating her like a princess? Were you there?” another fan asked. “Every time they went anywhere that was with her money, her flight tickets, her vacations. Don’t get it twisted.”

“I love Brit, but I don’t understand the hate for this guy. He married a girl who was mentally unstable and trying to get help,” another follower commented. “He saw that and always stood by her side. The sad reality is that Britney never appeared to getting better over the years he stayed with her, in hopes of a change if she had someone actually love her.”

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Sam Asghari Shares Sweaty Gym Selfie Amid Britney Spears Divorce
Instagram Stories | Sam Ashari

“Unfortunately this didn’t happen. Both deserve happiness and he has been nothing but respectful of her at all times so I’m not sure why the hate,” they continued. “I’m sure being with an eye candy, supportive guy like him was probably the most love she’s ever felt in her entire life.”

However, not everyone agreed, especially considering that Sam requested spousal support in the divorce filing. One fan wrote, “I’m pretty sure he tried to file for her to financially support him after they got divorced. That’s why he’s getting all the hate. He took full advantage of her. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.”

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