Chrishell Stause and G Flip at the GLAAD carpet

Chrishell Stause Gushes About Marriage To G-Flip Feeling Like A 'Superpower'

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By Afouda Bamidele on September 19, 2023 at 9:30 PM EDT

Chrishell Stause is on cloud nine in her newfound role as a married woman!

The glamorous "Selling Sunset" star, who surprised everyone with a secret Vegas wedding in May, cannot stop raving about her union with G-Flip. She likens their marriage to a cosmic force, and her enthusiasm is contagious.

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Chrishell Stause Revels In The Power Of Love

Love was definitely in the air when "Extra's" Melvin Robert caught up with the actress to discuss her newlywed status. The reality TV star's motivating connection to her non-binary partner was evident when she gave a delightful account of their unbreakable bond. 

The "All My Children" star described it as a perfect blend of having her "best friend, my partner," and "just a person I can do or say anything to." Most importantly, she pointed out that their dynamic felt extraordinary, like possessing a unique ability or "superpower." In her own words, she stated emphatically:

"We just basically build each other up, and it feels like a superpower." She playfully admitted being very sentimental and affectionate, like a "softie and a lovebug."

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Chrishell Stause Recovers From Surgery And Is Seen Back On Set Filming In Beautiful Lavender Silhouette
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Furthermore, the "Body of Proof" guest star excitedly stated, "We're so good… G is just finishing their tour in Australia right now, and I'm anxiously waiting for them to return to the U.S. to start their tour here."

Since making their love public, the lovebirds have not ceased gushing over each other to anyone willing to listen. Speaking with The Project, G Flip, who prefers they/them pronouns, shared that despite outward appearances, they have striking similarities.

In their own words, "We are so much more similar than you would think. I feel like aesthetically she's like this beautiful Barbie and, you know, I'm always looking, however, I'm looking."

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Describing the 42-year-old as "awesome," the drummer continued by mentioning that although she could not accompany them on that specific trip, she would be there for the others. 

Additionally, the songwriter emphasized, "She likes getting front row in the mosh. She ain't standing on the side, you know?" In a previous disclosure, G Flip opened up about the whirlwind nature of their relationship and their tactics to keep it private before making it public.

Contrary to the widely held belief that they met during Stause's appearance in one of the singer's music videos, the reality is that their connection existed before that. During their appearance on KIIS FM's "The Kyle and Jackie O Show," they revealed, "We met before the video, we kissed a couple of times before the music video."

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Chrishell Stause and G Flip at the premiere of A Rose For The Grave: The Randy Roth Story

The 29-year-old explained that the duo were introduced to each other when they were looking for an apartment. The "About Us" artist added, "So we met very briefly at a party, but months later, at the start of 2022, we got in contact with each other, and some flirting went down."

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The 'Days Of Our Lives Star Asserts Boundaries Regarding Pro-Oppenheim DMs

While it is clear that Stause and the "Be Your Man" singer are having the time of their lives happily married, some fans of the TV personality are still stuck in the past. Taking to her Instagram story, the "Youthful Daze" actress posted a screenshot of a message she received advocating for Team Oppenheim before sharing her thoughts.

Stating emphatically, Stause wrote, "I get these comments all the time on every post, so let me be clear. It's never happening. I met my forever partner with G, and we are planning a family & everything happened as it was supposed to."

In case you missed it, Oppenheim's uncertainty about fatherhood and the "Is It Cake?" judge's repeated desire for motherhood during season five was featured.

Stause pointed out that "Jason is happy & he is a great friend I will keep forever," adding, "But the people constantly trying to 'ship' us getting back together are wasting your time." 

The protective spouse made sure to assert that "Judging a relationship from small public glimpses is not the same as living in them and truly knowing what and who is right for you."

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