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'Southern Charm' Star Craig Conover Finally Speaks Out On Paige DeSorbo's Alleged Cheating

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By Favour Adegoke on September 18, 2023 at 1:00 AM EDT

Craig Conover has finally opened up on whether he believes the cheating allegations about his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo

His "Southern Charm" co-star Taylor Ann Green shocked him when she alleged that DeSorbo cheated on him during a conversation on the season nine premiere episode.

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Craig Conover Does Not Believe The Cheating Allegation

SANTA MONICA, CA - JUNE 02: J. Ivy attends the 2021 MTV Movie. 02 Jun 2022 Pictured: Paige Desorbo, Craig Conover.

After Green hinted at the possibility of DeSorbo's infidelity, Conover spoke up to discredit the claim. Green expressed her thoughts on their relationship during the "Southern Charm" season nine premiere on September 14th. Conover and Green were talking about her unfaithful ex-boyfriend and Conover's best friend, Shep Rose, when she threw the jab about DeSorbo's possible infidelity.

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In a statement to E! News, Conover explained that Green was dealing with a lot of things and was not over her breakup with Rose. He noted that Green was likely projecting how she felt onto his relationship, making him worry about her mental health. He said, "It was just sad for me because I think I realized in that moment how lost Taylor really is. I care about her and I was like, 'Man, you're really struggling.'"

He then explained why Rose's cheating and subsequent breakup hurt her. Conover said, "She thought she was gonna get married to Shep and he had cheated on her multiple times." 

He recalled being in Green's shoes, saying, "I've been cheated on before. That will really turn your world upside down and everything that you think you know about the world. So, she's dealing with that."

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Craig Conover And Paige DeSorbo Trust Each Other

Paige Desorbo
Instagram | Paige DeSorbo

Conover recalled walking away during the back and forth with Green. The star felt disrespected by her cheating claim about DeSorbo, whom he has been dating for two years. While he wanted to "help her," Conover was not ready to continue the conversation about DeSorbo.

The star then revealed that he and DeSorbo had too much trust in their relationship to be shaken by such allegations. He explained, "I kinda laughed because I was like, 'Me and Paige just sit on her couch and watch TV.' It would be a little hard for either of us to be out there being secretive. I don't think that comes with this territory anymore."

The "Sewing Down South" founder then recalled telling DeSorbo about the conversation and that she reacted the same way he did. 

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"Obviously, I had to tell Paige what someone was saying about her, but she had a similar reaction," he said. The star assured viewers that he was going to avoid clashing with Green for the rest of the season.

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Taylor Ann Green Felt Abandoned By Craig Conover 

'Southern Charm' Star Craig Conover Finally Speaks Out On Girlfriend Paige DeSorbo's Alleged Cheating

Amid the cheating allegation drama, E! News confirmed that Green is not over her split from Rose. The reality star confronted Conover about his relationship with Rose and his behavior towards her after their split. She revealed that she also felt hurt by Conover while dealing with the heartbreak.

Green explained in the preview that his approach to the breakup, "from her perspective," was disappointing. She noted, "When the breakup happened when we separated ways, you didn't…" However, Conover cuts her short to add that he tried to protect Green during the relationship. He recalled asking his friend to stop cheating on her. "No one did anything bad except him, and I'm the one that stopped it."

The star still insisted that Conover could've done more to discourage Rose's behavior. Green revealed that he barely checked up on her during the difficult time, and only one of their mutual friends, Madison LeCroy, was there for her. "Madison, I'm not even best friends with Madison and she texted me. She texted me and said, 'I hope you're doing OK.'"

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Craig Conover And Paige DeSorbo Have Different Wedding Plans 

A photo showing Craig Conover in a white Tee and denim pant.
Instagram | Craig Conover

Although the two have established trust and confidence in their relationship, Conover still struggles sometimes to meet eye to eye with DeSorbo. While the 34-year-old has revealed his plans to get married, DeSorbo, on the other hand, noted during the season that she wasn't "trying to plan a wedding right now."

Upset at her response, Conover asked, "Why would we date if we're not going to take the next step?" Conover previously opened up on his wedding plans in a conversation with E! Newswhere he explained that he and DeSorbo had "different" wedding visions. At the time, he said he'd want to replicate a Bahamas wedding he attended in the past.

"Everyone was barefoot…It was just so laid back and everyone spent a week there." However, he noted that his 30-year-old girlfriend would not be a fan of his vision. He said, "I don't think Paige wants a beach wedding," adding that she planned to get married in Italy.

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