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See Christine McGuinness Meticulously Organizing Her Kids Back To School Needs

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By Afouda Bamidele on September 13, 2023 at 2:00 AM EDT

Christine McGuinness is dedicated to giving her kids the best.

The English model shared an insight into how she organizes her children's stuff ahead of their bittersweet return to school. The update pulled at the emotional strings of her fans, who have remained loyal to her since she became more vocal about autism.

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Christine McGuinness Reflected On Her Children's Education Amid Readying Them For School

Christine is back to her mom's duties shortly after returning to the UK following an unexpected extension to her vacation with her family. The 35-year-old, who shares her three children with her ex-husband, Paddy McGuinness, highlighted her doting side in a recently uploaded video on Instagram.

Set to Jae Hall's song, "Sweet Child O' Mine," the clip showed the autistic superstar placing different colored water bottles, black school shoes, food boxes, and jelly booties in front of three school bags. For the act, the mother of three sat cross-legged on the floor, pairing a white oversized t-shirt with skintight leggings.

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"Summer 2023... smashed it. 🙌 Back to school time! Leo, Penelope, and Felicity 🥰 If the world could see you now, the world would be proud of you. From when you first started school with just a couple of words, uncomfortable wearing uniform, feeling afraid and overwhelmed by school life," she gushed in the lengthy caption.

Continuing the statement, the television personality expressed, "Tomorrow, my twins, you're in year six and my little lady in year 2! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ All so confident, excited and always being yourselves. Never change or suppress yourselves, and don't try to fit in; you are my little superstars, and you inspire me every day. Mummy is so proud 🥹 ❤️."

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Promptly, Christine's fans camped in the comments section, complimenting her and sharing relatable experiences. "Awww, Christine, that's so sweet. You are such a good mummy. Glad you all home safe," one such loyalist penned, as another declared, "You're an amazing mummy ❤️❤️."

A third commenter wrote, "Amazing... We have two nervous girls who are scared of the change the new school year brings.. But let's smash it," a fourth added, "They might need new flip flops for this week. Well done, and I'm so glad you had an awesome holiday."

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The 'Hey Tracey!' Star's Kids No Longer Feature On Her Socials

Nearly a month before the "Real Housewives of Cheshire" alum got into prepping her kids' back-to-school supplies, she had disclosed that she was not allowed to share content containing them on social media.

Per The Blast, a picture of her in a black crop top, leggings, and chic sunglasses led one of her followers to express in the comments, "I used to like the real family pics with your children's antics. You don't post them anymore. I hope you and they are well."

Christine McGuinness Worries About Her Kids' Adult Life And Coping With Autism
Instagram | Christine McGuinness
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Tagging the curious individual, Christine replied, "I am not allowed to show my children; it's not my choice." Although many paid no mind to the statement, it undoubtedly left an impression on them, especially when the "All Star Mr & Mrs" marked her daughter Felicity's birthday on Instagram.

As it turned out, the mama bird had left out any snaps that included her baby girl when she posted the birthday tribute. Instead, viewers were treated to the sights of Felicity's birthday cake, an inflatable slide, blue-and-pink skates, a red-and-black quad bike, and beach sand with "Felicity" written in it. The happy Christine gushed in the caption:

"Felicity, My baby girl 🥹 seven years old today and owning every part of your big personality proudly just as you should. You always stand up for yourself and shout about everything you believe in and your comedic side has the whole family laughing daily 😄 I know I'm raising one hell of a strong little lady and I love watching you grow. Never changed [SIC] my angel, I love you💕."

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The 'Steph's Packed Lunch' Star Constantly Worries About Her Kids' Future

In April, the clothing entrepreneur candidly spoke about her concerns and feelings regarding her children's future as they grow up with autism. During the "Me, My Autism & I" exhibition, she mentioned that these worries kept her awake at night, indicating the depth of her concern and emotional investment in their well-being. In her words:

"I worry if they're going to be independent when they're older. It's an extra concern with them being autistic and having additional needs – they're more vulnerable."

Even though Christine faced uncertainty about her children's future, she emphasized her determination to "stay positive." She said, "I need to spend as much time as possible making them as independent as they can be for when that time comes."

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