Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly 'Embarrassed And Worried' About Kanye West Amid Indecent Exposure Scandal In Italy

Kim Kardashian Reportedly 'Worried' About Kanye West Amid Indecent Exposure Scandal In Italy

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By Favour Adegoke on August 30, 2023 at 7:30 PM EDT

Kim Kardashian is allegedly worried for Kanye West amid his controversial Italy vacation with his "wife" Bianca Censori. According to a report, the reality star thinks "something clearly isn't right" with West from his behavior. The rapper, with whom she shares four kids, recently exposed his bare butt on a boat ride in Italy.

West and Censori have also been spotted going around Italy and to events barefoot. Censori herself has been heavily criticized for wearing skintight and revealing outfits. Social media users have accused her of public indecency, which carries a fine or imprisonment in the country they are currently visiting.

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Kim Kardashian Is Very Concerned About Kanye West

Kanye West Is Legally Settling Divorce With Kim Kardashian

A source recently revealed to The Sun that Kim Kardashian is "desperately embarrassed and worried" about Kanye West. The reality star and rapper were married for several years until 2022 and share custody of their four kids. Kardashian is worried because of West's latest indecent exposure and dressing scandals in Italy.

The source said, "Kim's been so worried about the new pics that have come out with Bianca - like how will she explain it all to the kids? She's embarrassed and worried for him - he's wandering around barefoot with champagne in the street, something clearly isn't right."

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West's habit of walking barefoot around Italy with his wife has been a topic of debate lately, with some claiming it is a show of "power." The "Praise God" rapper was recently photographed barefoot with a bottle in his hand. He was accompanied by Censori, who's also been harshly criticized for her racy clothes.

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She Keeps Getting Dragged Into Her Ex-Husband's Mess

Kim Kardashian pregnant

The source told The Sun that Kardashian is tired of being dragged into West's messes. Fans on social media have heavily compared Censori's outfits and style to how the reality star dressed during her marriage to the Yeezy founder. At the time, West often referred to Kardashian as his "muse" and styled many of her outfits.

The source said, "It's hard for her because as soon as she thinks she can move on, something like this happens and she's pulled back into it. It's like every time Kanye and Bianca pull these nearly-naked stunts, it reminds everyone that Kim dressed up in skintight nude outfits during the marriage."

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Kardashian officially ended their marriage when she filed for divorce in early 2021. West and Censori were married shortly after the SKIMS co-founder and the rapper finalized their divorce in late 2022. Their wedding in January was a private event, but the couple reportedly never filed a marriage certificate.

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Kanye West & Bianca Censori Are Under Criticism In Italy

Amid West and Censori's ongoing Italy vacation, the couple has been heavily criticized for their clothing choices. This includes a recent boat trip incident, where the "Heartless" rapper exposed his bare buttocks in front of multiple shocked tourists.

Photos of West and Censori on a River taxi went viral on social media, showing the architect nestling her head on her man's lap, seemingly performing a lewd act. Both West and Censori seemed unaware of the gawking tourists who had their phones out to record the rapper's bare butt and their boat trip.

Just before the couple boarded the River taxi, they were spotted walking through an Italian street. West was dressed, wearing a head-to-toe black outfit, while Censori wore a long belted trench coat and a pair of nude heels, a drastic contrast from her usual risque style.

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Bianca Censori Was Accused Of Public Indecency

Kanye West And 'Wife' Bianca Censori Step Out In Bizarre Outfits For Sunday Service

Censori has been heavily criticized for her extremely revealing outfits during outings in Italy. The Australian architect has worn multiple skintight and nude bodysuits and catsuits that social media users have slammed as too controversial for a conservative Catholic country like Italy.

One of Censori's risqué outfits includes a nude catsuit, which exposed her bare breasts. She eventually had to cover her nipples with a black cross-body bag. On a dinner date with West, Censori also wore a tan bra top and low-rise white skirt that exposed her underboob and upper butt.

On social media, many Italian locals have called for Censori's arrest for "public indecency." In Italy, the offense carries the punishment of a hefty fine between 5,000 to 10,000 euros or four months to four years' imprisonment.

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