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Bianca Censori Goes Braless In Sheer Skintight Outfit While Out With 'Husband' Kanye West In Italy

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By Favour Adegoke on August 28, 2023 at 10:30 PM EDT

Yeezy architect Bianca Censori is determined to flaunt her curvy body during her Italy vacation with her rapper husband, Kanye West. The couple recently stepped out, and Censori wore a sheer outfit that exposed her breasts. She's been severally accused by Italians of "dressing indecently" during her outings with West in Italy.

Some social media users have called for the architect to be fined for public indecency. The offense carries large fines between 5,000 to 10,000 Euros. Fans have also shared concerns that the couple's habit of going barefoot is "unhygienic." 

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Bianca Censori Dons A Sheer Catsuit

Kanye West's "wife," Bianca Censori, has become infamous for her risqué outfits. She was recently spotted with her husband in another scandalous ensemble during their Italy vacation. Censori wore a sheer, skintight ensemble and was braless, revealing her breasts and body. She paired the outfit with quirky white heels, no jewelry, and a rough pixie cut.

At some point during her walk with West, Censori was photographed covering her breast with her hands. West, on the other hand, was covered up in a black sweater and baggy trousers and was barefoot. He also held an open bottle of champagne, and he and Censori walked through the streets of Italy.

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She's Been Accused Of Indecent Exposure

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Instagram | Angelina Censori

Censori's skintight catsuit is the latest of her scandalous outfits from the Italy vacation. Italian social media users have accused the architect of "dressing indecently" during her outings with West in several cities. In clear contrast, West always dresses fully covered up in black clothing.

Censori's outfits have been mostly nude and sheer, exposing most of her body. One controversial outfit was a tan bra too and a low-rise white skirt she wore for a dinner date with her husband. On another occasion, Censori wore another nude catsuit and eventually had to hide her nipples with a bag.

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Commenting on Censori's revealing fashion, one fan wrote, per Daily Mail, "Exhibitionism and nothing else for me, I don't see anything genuine." Another comment read, "A sense of decorum and dignity has been lost...beauty is being dressed, not dressing indecently."

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Bianca Censori Risks Being Fined In Italy

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Some social media users have pressed for Censori to be punished for public indecency during the Italy trip. Users have pointed out that the revealing outfits are too controversial for a conservative country like Italy and constitute "public indecency."

In Italy, acts considered "contrary to public decency" are punishable with a fine or imprisonment. This means a fine between 5,000 to 10,000 euros or a jail sentence of four months to four years.

During a conversation on Censori's risqué fashion, one fan wrote, "It's surprising she hasn't been arrested. Italy is much more conservative, in this case rightly so!" Another added, "Completely disrespectful to a conservative catholic culture, the Italians should have kicked them out."

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An online critic pushed for Censori to be arrested for her revealing outfits. The post read, "It's surprising she hasn't been arrested. Italy is much more conservative, in this case rightly so!" The architect was also called "classless" and "vulgar" for her recent racy clothing choices.

Fans Think The Couple Are Risking Their Health

Kanye West with wife Bianca Censori

On social media, fans have also expressed worries about West and Censori's fashion choices affecting their health. The couple have been criticized for showing up barefoot to several events, including an outdoor dinner with friends and a day of errands in the city.

After one of their recent outings in Florence, the topic of their bare feet trended on social media. A fan's comment on a photo of the couple read This is indecent exposure and frankly unhygienic. Poor Italy."

Another user commented that their bare feet and clothing could pose health risks in public spaces. One comment read, Gross. Bare feet in a restaurant, not to mention that half her backside is also exposed."

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Another fan pointed out that Censori's skintight clothing could cause a personal "hygiene issue." Some other fans shared their concerns about how she could eat and be comfortable in the tight and revealing clothing.

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