Charlize Theron Wants To Be A Cool Mom: 'It’s A Feeling No Oscar Can Replace'

Charlize Theron Reportedly 'Happier Than Ever' With New Beau Alex Dimitrijevic

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By Favour Adegoke on August 29, 2023 at 1:00 PM EDT

Talented actress Charlize Theron is allegedly head over heels in love with her new man, model Alex Dimitrijevic.

According to a recent report, "this is [Theron's] first serious relationship" in over seven years. Prior to her new romance, she dated fellow actor Sean Penn, with whom she was rumored to be engaged to.

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Charlize Theron And Her New Beau Alex Dimitrijevic

Charlize Theron at Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Theron and her boyfriend of several months, model Dimitrijevic, are reportedly very serious with their romance as the Oscar-award-winning actress is the happiest she's ever been.

According to Radar Online, insiders shared, "No one has seen Charlize this happy before, and this is the first serious relationship she's had in over seven years" since her previous involvement with Sean Penn.

In May, Theron and Dimitrijevic were spotted holding hands at a Los Feliz neighborhood restaurant in Los Angeles.

The "Monster" actress opted for a casual yet chic look for the romantic outing, wearing a maroon V-neck sweater, relaxed khaki pants, and brown sandals. She had her blonde hair styled to the side and accessorized with black sunglasses, an iPhone, and a black Dior bag.

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On the other hand, Dimitrijevic sported a yellow short-sleeved Avanti Silk Hawaiian Aloha shirt featuring a Tiger design across the front. He paired it with blue jeans and beige-brown shoes, and his combed-back locks completed the look.

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Charlize Theron Says She Was Never Engaged To Sean Penn

The All-New Breitling Boutique New York Opens With A Star-Studded Celebration including Charlize Theron

The last notable romantic involvement for Theron was with A-lister Sean Penn back in 2013. Theron and Penn dated in 2013 and allegedly got engaged in December 2014, but sources claim that the "Atomic Blonde" actress called off the engagement. In contrast, she mentioned in a 2020 interview that she was never engaged to Penn.

Setting the record straight, Theron clarified, per Radar, "We dated. That is literally all we did. We were definitely exclusive, but it was for barely a year. We never moved in."

Theron expressed her lack of interest in marriage, stating, "I've never wanted to get married. That's never been something that's important to me." She added not to feel bad for her because she's "never been lonely."

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Theron humorously mentioned the possibility of future partners needing to buy the house next to hers, adding, "I don't know if I'll ever be able to live with somebody again. To be totally frank, they might have to buy the house next to me."

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Charlize Theron Slams Facelift Rumors

92nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Theron recently discussed her evolving perspective on aging during an interview with Allure. Having been the face of Dior for over two decades and set to front the brand's new L'Or de J'Ador perfume campaign, the 48-year-old actress shared her embrace of the changes in her appearance. She remarked, "My face is changing, and I love that my face is changing and aging."

Addressing public reactions to her look, the actress countered assumptions about cosmetic procedures, stating, "People think I had a facelift. They're like, 'What did she do to her face?' I'm like, 'B*tch, I'm just aging! It doesn't mean I got bad plastic surgery. This is just what happens.'"

The "Old Guard" actress also voiced her intention to challenge the gender-based "double standards" she perceives in Hollywood, particularly regarding actresses over 40. She expressed frustration with the conventional idea that "men age like fine wines and women like cut flowers." She added, "I despise that concept, and I want to fight against it."

The mother of two further emphasized that women should be allowed to "age in a way that feels right to them." 

"I think we need to be a little bit more empathetic to how we all go through our journey," she added.

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Why She Would 'Never' Gain Weight For A Movie Role Again

2020 British Academy Film and Television Awards

Theron also delved into the challenges of shedding weight gained for film roles as she aged. She declared, "I will never, ever do a movie again and say, 'Yeah, I'll gain 40 pounds.' I will never do it again because you can't take it off."

Explaining her stance, she said, "When I was 27, I did 'Monster.' I lost 30 pounds, like, overnight. I missed three meals, and I was back to my normal weight. Then I did it at 43 for Tully in 2018."

While reflecting on the difficulty she encountered, Theron stated, "I remember a year into trying to lose the weight, I called my doctor and I said, 'I think I'm dying because I cannot lose this weight.' And he was like, 'You're over 40. Calm down. Your metabolism is not what it was.' Nobody wants to hear that."

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