Pamela Anderson trolls gets shut down by son

Pamela Anderson Troll Gets Hilariously Trampled On By Son, Brandon

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By Rima Pundir on August 30, 2023 at 10:30 AM EDT

Pamela Anderson is busy living her way, eschewing fame and make-up for natural living and laundry days.

So when a make-up-free picture of hers caught the attention of a conspiracy theorist, Anderson's son Brandon stepped in for a hilarious clapback that left fans in splits. Here's the DL...

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Pamela Anderson Flaunts Freckles In Stunning Pic

Pamela Anderson loves to go make-up free
Instagram | Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, who turned a quiet 57 earlier in July, recently shared a make-up-free picture of hers, holding up an oyster shell in one hand and squinting the other eye shut. She wore her blonde hair loose and was happy to be all-natural, showing off freckles and looking amazingly happy. While most fanned over the joy oozing out of the picture, there was one conspiracy theorist troll who thought the "pose" meant something way more sinister.

Their comment read, "So sad. Many of us know what the covered one-eye pose is about. God bless your soul. I thought you were one of the few good ones."

Most, of course, were clueless about what it meant, so one Instagram user asked in the same thread, "What does it mean?"

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Plenty of replies followed, "The watchful eye of God? I guess you can make up what you want with this symbol of one eye. Sigh." Another tried to explain - "It’s a satanist cabal symbol… controlled celebrities are forced to pose like that."

While many of Anderson's followers replied with witty statements, one gave a slightly detailed explanation, writing:

"I just looked it up, everyone. I think fit_mama is referring to this #
She’s alluding to freemasonry?? Thoughts?"

Another Freemasonry believer, but also a Pamela Anderson fan, replied to this comment, "I don’t think Pamela is into Freemasonry. I see her photo as a holistic and pure image of nature and life..."

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Son Brandon Steps In For A Hilarious Clapback

Pamela Anderson with her sons, Brandon and Dylan
Instagram | Pamela Anderson

Pamela captioned the picture, "It’s never too late… to bloom." Like always, her sons, Dylan Jagger Lee and Brandon Thomas Lee left her sweet comments with emojis, and Brandon wrote, "Keep on blooming".

Meanwhile, Brandon also addressed the troll who sparked the whole "Hollywood Illuminati/cabalism" script, hilariously shutting her down with sarcasm, writing, "I always knew there was something up with her ?"

Plenty appreciated Brandon for standing up for his mother but also not losing his cool over the troll, resorting to a funny clapback - fans left his laughing and hands raised emojis for a job well done.

More stood up for the "Baywatch" actress, writing:

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"I remember taking a photo like this as a teenager because I thought it looked cool everyone needs to chill lol."

"Looks like she's holding an oyster shell, do you have some conspiracy theory for that too? ?"

"I have pictures of myself playing with fall leaves, seashells, etc., and covering one eye. Not everything has a dark “meaning”.....sometimes things are innocent and just as they appear."

Another Instagram user had a witty observation to make, writing, "The comments on here are the reason aliens won’t become friends with any of us. Literally Stone Age vibes mixed with textbook schizophrenia looking for hidden messages… holy undermedicated nation, Batman."

Here's that pose and we have to say, she looks lovely!

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Fans Appreciated Pamela Anderson For Her Natural Beauty

Pamela Anderson lauded for natural look
Instagram | Pamela Anderson

Most of her fans loved her freckles and makeup-free look, writing, "I love that she’s comfortable being natural. I love that she didn’t wear makeup in her documentary."

Another also fanned over Anderson, "How beautiful is to age such a way. In your own way in your own madness. Embracing all the emotions and all of that life brings."

In a recent interview, Pamela spoke about how she had stopped using makeup ever since her long-term makeup artist and friend Alexis Vogel lost her battle with cancer. She also said that going sans the warpaint made her feel empowered and it seems fans are loving this new phase in her life. She now loves to garden and potter about in her Canadian lakeside home and writes poems about it all - including this one:

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"I look forward to the morning chores…

I feed and walk the dogs,
I do the laundry,
I write…

I feel my life wrapped
humbly around me.

All is well ?"

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