Pamela Anderson is happy to look her age, even as a fashion icon

Why Pamela Anderson Loves To Look Her Age & Mow Lawns In A Suit!

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By Rima Pundir on August 18, 2023 at 6:00 AM EDT

Many would say, the Pamela Anderson of today is not the same as the time she was in "Baywatch".

The years have passed but the one thing that remains is that the 56-year-old is still as delightfully crazy as ever and still loves to play the dumb blonde, which she is not. What's different is perhaps now, she's more at peace with herself, and it shows as the glow (on her face!)

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Pamela Anderson Is A Gen Z Fashion Icon

Pamela Anderson is a fashion icon for Gen Z
Instagram | Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has had a resurgence lately, especially when it comes to fashion. It all began with the Jacquemus campaign launched last December, where a white-clad Pamela Anderson tells Santa that Christmas is over. But it seemed Pamela Anderson had just begun!

Her looks from yore went viral on Instagram and TikTok again, and then she opened the Hugo Boss show before going on to collaborate with Frankie's Bikinis. Who better to be the body and face of a red bikini than the original Baywatch girl? She's been on the campaigns of Thierry Mugler and Tommy Hilfiger and is taking the world by storm. It seems Gen X and the millennials were not ready for her in the '90s but Gen Z is loving her with wide open arms, wrinkles, freckles, and all.

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Back in the heydays, Anderson says she used to go to shoots and the designers showed her mood boards of various fashion cons. Now, they show her 10 pictures of her, asking her which of her looks she'd like to go for now...

Here's her, in yet another suit, for Hugo Boss!

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Mowing Lawns In A Suit Is Definitely A Power Move

Pamela Anderson for H& M Mugler
Instagram Pamela Anderson

She's on the cover of the NY Times, WWD, and Variety, and now, she's speaking to Elle Magazine, simultaneously starring in Aritzia’s fall 2023 campaign for its Babaton collection.

She was a little wary of the sober suits but then had an epiphany, “But then I thought, ‘I know where I want to wear a suit: when I’m mowing the lawn and when I’m in the garden.’ I thought it was a great juxtaposition because this is my office. They loved the idea, and said ‘We’ll come to you.’ And I said, ‘Well, it’s going to be kind of rustic....’”

Overall, the effect is great, even if she's rocking a suit on the beach as well, shot at her Ladysmith home and nearby locations.

Overdressed, sure, but Pamela Anderson loves to mow lawns in a suit and explains it, beautifully,

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"We spent the entire day -
recreating dreams,
playing dress up,
mowing the lawn."

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Looking Her Age Is Fine By Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is okay looking her age
Instagram | Pamela Anderson

The "Love, Pamela" writer uses to work solely with make-up artist Alexis Vogel. After he tragically passed from breast cancer, Pamela gave up her signature makeup look - the ditzy blonde curls, kohl-lined eyes, and mostly a red or nude Lipper. In her interview with Elle, Anderson admits, "She was the best. And since then, I just felt, without Alexis, it’s just better for me not to wear makeup."

Nowadays, Anderson is mostly sans make-up or opts for low-key looks, looking markedly different from her heavily made-up days in the past although she says that in those days, "I just went along with what people were telling me what to do."

Her new toned look is freeing for her, and after years of basically following diktats, it's like a rebellion for Pam. Said the mom of two, "I did notice that there were all these people doing big makeup looks, and it’s just like me to go against the grain and do the opposite.”

She's also happy to laugh at her age, and in fact, the face in the mirror as well, saying, "I think we all start looking a little funny when we get older. And I’m kind of laughing at myself when I look at the mirror. I go, ‘Wow, this is really...what’s happening to me?’ It’s a journey. I feel rooted for. I feel good. I’m in a good place.” And it shows!

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