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OTD In Music: Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Released 10 Years Ago!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on August 26, 2023 at 3:30 PM EDT

August 25th is a monumental day in Miley Cyrus history!

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Miley Cyrus with her kitty
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Today in the universe of Cyrus, the 30-year-old actress and musician released her latest single, "Used To Be Young," mere months after releasing a smash hit album, "Endless Summer Vacation."

The former Disney darling has also achieved a number one hit with the album's first single, "Flowers."

Speaking of number one singles, the 25 day of August will also be remembered in Cyrus' musical history: A decade ago today, Cyrus released the infamous "Wrecking Ball," the single which took a- ahem- 'wrecking ball' to any prior conceived notions any music listener of follower of popular culture may have had about the former "Hannah Montana" star.

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Cyrus Takes A Look Back At Perceptions Of Her Past With New Single

The Blast has taken multiple sneak peaks at Cyrus' latest single; she has been quite busy lately promoting the poignant ode to her past.

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Miley Cyrus Poses Braless In Unbuttoned White Shirt Amid Promo For New Music
Instagram | Miley Cyrus
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"Wrecking Ball," the second single from Cyrus' then upcoming album "Bangerz," saw Cyrus swinging naked on a wrecking ball. The power ballad was a serious change musically from the LP's first single "We Can't Stop," but not so much stylistically.

Miley Cyrus enjoys a late night out at Greenhouse Cafe in Amsterdam with Cara Delevingne The pair arrived with friends just before 11pm and stayed for 2 hours
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Cyrus had also stunned fans with the music video for the single, as well as her career-defining performance at the 2013 Video Music Awards with "Blurred Lines" singer Robin Thicke.

Cyrus was exploring an era of her life both personally and musically. Her hair was cut short, and she often rocked space buns, and we often saw her tongue get some air.

"Wrecking Ball" could be seen as Cyrus' attempt to open her heart and share her feelings, perhaps taking a second to get away from the public's perception of her stunning visual transformation.

Even though Cyrus seemingly portrayed an ere of an "I don't care" attitude publicly, she was indeed affected by the public's often-vicious take on everything the "Bangerz" era had to offer.

The 'Wrecking Ball' Songstress Maintains She Was Just Growing Up

Miley Cyrus circa 2013

In an interview with British Vogue from earlier this year, Cyrus looked back at the hurricane that was her life in 2013.

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"I was creating attention for myself because I was dividing myself from a character I had played," she told the outlet, per Billboard. "Anyone, when you're 20, or 21, you have more to prove. 'I'm not my parents,' 'I am who I am.'

A decade can give most the time for reflection and growth. Cyrus has done both, and she has come away with some conclusions.

She continues, "Now that I'm an adult, I realize how harshly I was judged. I was harshly judged as a child by adults and now, as an adult, I realize I would never harshly judge a child." Cyrus has also been credited as saying "People like controversy because that's what sells."

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Lyrics for "Used To Be Young" seemingly reflect some of Cyrus' understanding. She recently posted the lyrics on Instagram, which include, "Turns out open bars/lead to broken hearts/and going too far."

Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Will Always Have A Lasting Legacy

Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" may have a huge place in popular culture because it was such a jarring departure from the Cyrus we'd always known prior; it would absolutely be fair to say she achieved her goal of disassociating herself from THAT blonde wig.

Dolly Parton, Cyrus' godmother, once revealed her thoughts on hearing "Wrecking Ball" for the first time.

She recalled, "I remember the first time I heard 'Wrecking Ball,' it hit me the same way it did the first time I heard 'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney Houston. I was driving, heard that one, and I almost wrecked, and when I heard 'Wrecking Ball' I almost wrecked again," Parton said. "I thought, when it started into that chorus I thought, 'it hit me like a wrecking ball.' I thought, 'well, how great can a song be?''

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It is extremely rare for a song to take a 'Wrecking Ball' to both music and popular culture. Growing up can be all about figuring it out, and the lasting impressions you leave along the way. Happy tenth anniversary to Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball!"

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