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Lizzo's Ex Dancers Tag Countersuit As 'Attempt At Intimidation'

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By Afouda Bamidele on August 27, 2023 at 7:00 PM EDT

The legal battle between Lizzo and her former dancers is heating up!

After the singer shared her intention to file a countersuit against the estranged employees, the accusers have now fired back, calling it an "attempt at intimidation." The performers are clearly refusing to back down from the fight for their rights.

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Lizzo's Former Dancers Fire Back At Countersuit

According to the legal representatives, the 35-year-old's ex-backup dancers, suing her for sexual harassment, view her intention to countersue as a troubling tactic of "intimidation."

In a statement to Page Six, attorney Ron Zambrano, who represents plaintiffs Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, wrote, "Lizzo's threat to countersue for malicious prosecution is an insidious attempt at intimidation and delivers a chilling effect to all harassment victims in the workplace." 

He noted that the "Coconut Oil" singer team's approach, marked by "scare tactics, bullying, and victim-shaming," resonates with behaviors observed in the entertainment industry. The lawyer emphasized that employees often feel compelled to endure such treatment for "access and success."

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These Are The Faces Of The Women That Lizzo Traumatized In 44-Page Lawsuit
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He alleged that the "Truth Hurts" artist attempts to discourage potential victims from stepping forward with similar claims. Zambrano also believes that "Her team is merely trying to suppress the truth and hide her hypocrisy of publicizing her brand as one of empowerment and body positivity while privately depriving women of their empowerment." 

The attorney emphasized that the "Good as Hell" artist's threats are not "empowering women; they're actually marginalizing them." He also highlighted the pervasive nature of such behavior in the entertainment industry, clarifying that although common, it "remains both morally wrong and unlawful."

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In case you missed it, on Wednesday, Lizzo's attorney, Marty Singer, revealed her intention to file a lawsuit against the three women. He also shared images with PEOPLE, showing the plaintiffs reportedly backstage with cast members of the Crazy Horse topless cabaret show in Paris on March 5, 2023.

This followed their initial lawsuit claiming that the "Rumors" artist had compelled them to attend the show during her tour. About another club where they were allegedly pressured to attend and interact with nude performers, Singer mentioned in a statement:

"These images showing the three plaintiffs gleefully reveling backstage after the topless show were taken after their February 2023 visit to Bananenbar in Amsterdam that they complain about in their lawsuit." 

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He mentioned that after the Paris event, all three dancers returned to their roles on the tour with the flutist. The following month, Davis reportedly sent an audition tape for Lizzo's TV show "Watch Out for the Big Grrrls," displaying her aspiration to "follow in her footsteps."

The legal representative asserted that once her audition video became public, she tried to justify her positive remarks about the songwriter by stating that most of her allegations were related to events afterward.

Lizzo seen arriving at BBC Broadcasting House in London
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Singer pointed out that the "irrefutable photos and videos, along with additional substantial evidence," exposed stark contradictions between the claims in their lawsuit and the factual reality. He stated emphatically, "The lawsuit is a sham. Lizzo intends to sue for malicious prosecution after she prevails and these specious claims are dismissed." 

Beyoncé Extends A Hand Of Support To The 'About Damn Time' Singer

Last week, The Blast reported that at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, the "Single Ladies" singer took the stage to perform her song "Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)." 

While her August 1 rendition omitted Lizzo's name, raising eyebrows, that night's performance left no doubt about her support. "I love you, Lizzo!" BeyoncĂ© proclaimed mid-song. 

The mother-of-three is not the only industry figure who has supported the four-time Grammy Awards winner. Canadian pop star Grimes, for instance, took to Twitter to stand up for her. On August 6, the singer wrote:

"I love Lizzo. Not saying I don't believe ppl when bad things happen, but I had dancers mistreated on my watch in ways I didn't find out about until way later. Mebe sh*t is bad. But loyalty matters to me." 

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The "Oblivion" artist emphasized that Lizzo had shown kindness for years before becoming famous and attested to the Primetime Emmy Award winner's exemplary conduct. 

The mother-of-two recalled how she was delighted when Lizzo achieved fame and expressed doubt about the star undergoing drastic change. In conclusion, she stated, "[I'm] tired of a culture that seeks to destroy its greatest virtues. Lizzo is amazing."

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