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Peta Murgatroyd Pokes Fun At Critics Of Her Cooking Reel With Son

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By Afouda Bamidele on August 18, 2023 at 3:00 AM EDT

Peta Murgatroyd has responded to critics who reacted negatively to one of her recent social media posts.

Just days after she posted a clip that showed her teaching her son how to cook, the dancer has shared another update claiming that the accompanying caption was "a joke." The video, which has received over 100k likes, was seemingly part of an ongoing trend on the social media platform, TikTok.

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Peta Murgatroyd Shuts Down Her Hater, Asks Them To 'Have A Laugh'

Murgatroyd had to come to her own defense after naysayers called her out for posting a video of her baby boy, Shai, cooking in the kitchen four days ago. Taking to her Instagram Story, the professional Latin dancer passionately wrote:


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After disclosing that she is the one in her marriage that cannot cook to save her life and did not try cooking until she clocked 30, the superstar concluded, "DARN IT MY ACTING IS TOO GOOD."

In case you missed it, the video in question showed Murgatroyd kissing her six-year-old son on the cheek as he mixed some dry baking ingredients in a pan. The clip wrapped up with the "Dancing with the Stars" star coldly staring at the camera. At the same time, the mother-of-two penned across the footage:

"Making sure my son can cook so he's not impressed by your daughter's stouffers lasagna."

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Responding to it, one person typed in the comment section, "This is pretty cringe. How about teaching my son to cook so he's an equal partner to your daughter," and another noted, "Boy mums raising entitled misogynists I see."

"Well that rude ?? Teach him to cook because every person should know how to cook. End story," a third critic chided. Similarly, a fourth hater claimed, "Teaching my daughter to have high standards so she's not easily impressed by a dinner."

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Peta Murgatroyd Pokes Fun At Critics Of Her Cooking Reel With Son
Instagram | Peta Murgatroyd

Upon seeing the negative comments, some fans thought it wise to clear up the air, with one explaining, "It's so funny because y'all love when moms and dads do a version of this video with their daughters, but the minute mothers do it with their sons it's toxic it's not that serious y'all."

A second supporter wondered, "Why does everyone THRIVE on being so dang offended by EVERYTHING!! I have a son and a daughter and this made me laugh SO hard!"

Viewers' reactions had been different when Murgatroyd shared multiple delightful recordings showcasing Shai's introduction to the world of lawn tennis. The heartwarming videos captured the toddler, who sported a tracksuit, gray sports shoes, and a baseball cap, being guided by an instructor.

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He exuded so much enthusiasm that his instructor's statement, "I'm sweating more than you. You can't leave until you're sweating," did nothing to hold him back.

The American-Australian's Husband Updated Fans On THIS Occurrence With Their Son

Peta Murgatroyd, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and their son at Red Carpet Event for the global premiere of Apple Original Film LUCK in Los Angeles

Just like his wife, Maksim Chmerkovskiy is no stranger to posting social media updates of Shai. Thus, it was unsurprising when he dropped a glimpse of their recent getaway on Instagram in the form of a video.

As reported by The Blast, the recording began with the father-son duo heading toward a private plane with their luggage in tow. Sporting a grey shirt, black shorts, and a red cap, the first-grader's face beheld wonder as he took in the aircraft.

The subsequent moments in the post illustrated the enjoyable activities the two engaged in throughout the trip, including tennis matches, ice cream outings, and playful interactions with ducks. Shai also joined Chmerkovskiy's wine-tasting presentation, during which he lent a hand by arranging chairs and tidying tables for the occasion.

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Amidst these adventures, cherished family moments were shared, such as Shai joyfully swimming alongside his cousin in the pool. Additionally, the accomplished Latin–ballroom dance champion enjoyed moments with his brother Val and sister-in-law Jenna Johnson.

As the video ended, the doting dad posed a question to Shai about the highlight of their vacation to which the little guy excitedly replied, "Getting some comic books."

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