Chrissy Teigen poked fun at "Da Da" John Legend

Chrissy Teigen Pokes Fun At "Da Da" John Legend For Making Baby Esti Cry

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By Rima Pundir on August 17, 2023 at 8:00 PM EDT

Chrissy Teigen isn't all that impressed with baby Esti's first words - or husband John Legend's excitement over it. In fact, she feels it wasn't "Da Da" at all, but is letting Legend have it because he got so very excited and she does not want to rain on his parade! Watch baby Esti give the cutest smirk before John Legend scared her into tears...

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Chrissy Teigen Reassures Fans That Baby Esti Has Recovered

John Legend super excited about Esti's first words
Instagram | John Legend

Two days ago, a super-excited John Legend shared baby Esti's first words, which were "Da Da". Specifically, when Esti was asked by John and then Chrissy, "What's daddy's name," she gave a direct answer, "Da Da."

This excited everyone so much that all the "yeahs" and the cheers made the poor little baby bawl, so mama Teigen has something to say.

In a fresh post with the same video, Teigen underplayed the whole "Da Da" first-word scenario, writing, "Listen I think every mom here knows she said “duh duh” and was on her way to a third “duh” before we interrupted her but john was so excited so we have all agreed to let him have this one!"

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Since she magnanimously let John have it, Teigen also explained why Esti chose her dada for her first words, cheekily writing, "real ones know mama is way harder to form so congrats baby happy for u!!!"

Of course, since all the excitement made Esti cry, Teigen also reassured her fans that all was good now, adding, "He scared her with his excitement, I can assure you she has fully recovered and there is no need to worry, thank u!!"

Legend continued the funnies, commenting on the post, "I swear she said 'John Roger Stephens'"

Fans were tickled funny by the post, and also by the cute reactions of baby Esti as many shared their thoughts...

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"Meanwhile she has no clue what y’all’s problem is 😂 she was tryna have a conversation.

"Is it even your first word if you aren’t scared into crying by the celebration?? Congratulations Dada!"

"The little smirk she gives John when he starts to talk is sooo cute."

Here's the perfect video to brighten your hour!

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Chrissy Teigen & John Legend's First Family Vacay Of Six Seems Like A Hit

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on vacation with all four kids
Instagram | Chrissy Teigen

Recently, it seems Teigen and Legend decided to test the waters, literally, and headed off to vacation with all four kids in tow, sharing the sweetest pics with all. Teigen also seems to have realized her dream of Legos on vacation as pictures showed her absolutely chuffed with the blocks, with Luna chipping in too. Teigen wrote, "Legos on vacation with my giant family! A dream" and honestly it does look a like a dream...

Meanwhile, John Legend also put in some nifty moves with Esti, who looks absolutely delighted to be that high and makes quite the dancing partner for Legend who called her "angel on my shoulder."

Fans feel Legend's babies are basically just like him, with one chiming, "All your kids look exactly like you. You have your own league of legends." Another Instagram user agreed, "All these babies with the little John legend face 😂 so cute."

Here go John Legend and Esti, grooving to Snoop Dogg and Pharell Williams!

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Chrissy Teigen Also Has Some "Waist" Full Complaints

Chrissy Teigen complains about the lack of a waist
Instagram | Chrissy Teigen

The model and author seemingly also lamented the lack of a "waist" on her body, specifying that she was borrowing a caption from Drake, writing, "never had a waist, what a waste, right click SpongeBob, copy paste (drake caption)."

In the accompanying picture, Teigen is wearing a strapless swimsuit with cutouts in the front, showing off a stunning figure which made fans say, "I see a waist."

Many fans jumped to boost her self-confidence, with one writing, "I’ll take the face instead of the waist." Another piped, "Come on now, you’re absolutely gorgeous with a perfect body."

Gotta agree with that! Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen has some important advice to offer to all Billie Eilish fans, because THIS is not a shower song. Period!

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