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See John Legend Excitedly Scare Baby Esti After First Word!

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By Afouda Bamidele on August 15, 2023 at 10:00 PM EDT

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's baby Esti just said 'Dada' for the first time, which is music to their ears.

The A-list couple share four children, the most recent being their son Wren Alexander, who arrived in June of this year. The second-youngest of their four kids is already getting chatty with them, and luckily, the "All Of Me" crooner was on hand to capture the sweet milestone.

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John Legend Was Pleased To Hear His Baby's First Word

Baby Esti is definitely a daddy's girl as she makes 'Dada' her first word ever. The Grammy winner shared a heartwarming clip to his Instagram of him and his wife stimulating the tiny tot to say the word, which she does, before breaking out into tears at his apparent excitement.

In the post, Esti was sitting with her mom, holding her little brother Wren, and another person, presumably her grandmother, as she babbled merrily.

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Off camera, Legend asked the happy kid, "What's my name?" She responded with a smile, leading Teigen to probe some more. Ultimately, much to her dad's delight, Esti repeated, "Dada." 

"We got it on tape, baby!" the "What You Do To Me" singer exclaimed before excitedly adding, "Caught on tape!" Comically, amid her father's excitement, the young one erupted into tears. 

In the accompanying caption, he wrote, "DADA! Then I got too excited and scared her 😂 🥹." The singer-songwriter's fans couldn't handle Esti's cuteness. One admirer wrote:

"Waoooo I feel like she was just born yesterday, how is she saying her first words already? I blinked and she's already talking 🥲 🥹 😍 💜."

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"That was to perfect and to cute 😍," a second fan replied while another shared, "Oh no!!!! The way her face changed! 😢 😍 Still so cute, even crying!" A fourth fan noted, "She is so dang adorable. Her little rosebud mouth gets me. Every. Single. Time." 

Esti's big moment comes after the doting father-of-four revealed back in February that although Teigen randomly thought of her name, it had special family ties. In an interview with E! News correspondent Courtney Lopez, the "So High" musician noted that his daughter's name was not initially connected to anyone. Legend explained:

"It wasn’t intentionally after someone, but once Chrissy told me that idea, I was like, ‘Oh, my great-grandmother’s name was Esther."

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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen enjoy date night
Instagram | chrissyteigen

Aside from her first name, the "Green Light" singer added that her middle name is tied to another family member. He said, "We wanted to already name her middle name Maxine after my grandmother, whose middle name was Maxine. So, it's a lot of my family in the name."

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The 'Made To Love' Singer's Wife Laments' Switching Sides' In The Bedroom

Teigen recently revealed on social media that she and Legend plan on making some changes in the bedroom. She gleefully indicated she wasn't a fan of the idea. On the supermodel's Instagram Story post, she filmed herself nitpicking about having to switch sides with her husband on their bed.

The video showed Teigen on a pillow and Legend against the headboard sitting up. "Let me know if you think this is acceptable," the former model said before adding, "After seventeen years of sleeping together, John wants to switch sides." 

The award-winning musician could be heard chuckling in the background before she turned the camera to show him laughing. "This is the side," he stated. "I'm on the right side right now." To which his wife responded, "I know, but you want me to be on that side now, and I've been sleeping too well." 

Legend, still amused, added, "My other shoulder needs some uh…" but did not complete the sentence before his wife squinted her eyes and ended the clip with "No one cares."

Adding more nuance to the situation, the 37-year-old media personality wrote in an attached text, "When I sleep on the right, I sleep for like 12 hours which is too much sleep."

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