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Cardi B's eBay Auctioned Microphone Deal Falls Through After Winner Didn't Pay Up

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on August 13, 2023 at 6:15 PM EDT

The infamous microphone Cardi B threw at a fan remains unclaimed despite garnering a $99,900 bid. Contrary to previous reports of the sale, the audio gadget will not be leaving its owner's hands anytime soon.

The "tantrum mic" became a hot topic following its use as an offensive tool by the "Bodak Yellow" songstress. The sensational rapper chucked the device at a concertgoer following the individual's distasteful behavior.

While her actions could have led to a nasty lawsuit, it seemingly had a rainbow. The microphone's supplier tried selling the gadget to raise money for charity, leading to a bidding war that ended on Tuesday, August 8. Alas, the agreed payment never arrived!

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The Exorbitant Bidder For Cardi B's Microphone Turns Out To Be Hoax

When Scott Fisher announced the sale of the New Yorker's mic on his eBay auction, many wondered who would drop nearly $100,000 for the entertainer's used gadget. In a sad twist of fate, no one was ready to fork over that amount of money.

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Cardi B hurls microphone at drink-tossing fan
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While speaking to TMZ, Fisher aired his suspicions about the bidder's legitimacy. After winning the auction with a promise of $99,900, the anonymous individual had 48 hours to pay.

However, the bidder became unreachable, failing to respond to the auctioneer's numerous messages. Given his intentions to give the proceeds from the sale to charity, Fisher declared he would finish what he started.

If the highest bidder remains unresponsive about fulfilling their $99,900 pledge, the mic owner plans to offer the gadget to the second highest bidder. In case this person was no longer interested in purchasing the infamous mic, Fisher claimed he would sell it privately.

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The audio amplifier seemed to have caught the interest of many as a case company in Ohio, LM Cases, supported the seller's cause. After hearing about his struggles, they reportedly gave Fisher a beautiful mic case to store the device for the next buyer.

The object, described as the "Shure Axient digital mic Cardi B threw at a person," was first placed on eBay on July 29. The gadget received over 100 offers from eager buyers before the closing bid of nearly $100,000.

If the sale had gone through as expected, the payment would have gone to two charities. The first, called Friendship Circle Las Vegas, was a local charity that supported those with special needs. Meanwhile, the second beneficiary, Wounded Warrior Project, helped severely wounded veterans.

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Cardi B's temper tantrum microphone sells for $99,000

The hype around the tantrum microphone would never have started without the "Press" rapper, who while performing outdoors at Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub,  tried stirring fans' excitement for her gig by telling them to throw water on her body. Once the fun moment ended, the Grammy winner continued the show only to be rudely interrupted by a drink in her face.

Visibly upset, the "WAP" hitmaker flung her microphone at the offender. Some of the fan-filmed clips of the moment showed the individual apologizing, while other sources claimed the microphone touched the wrong person.

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A day after the ordeal, a woman filed a “battery” report against the entertainer. The plaintiff claimed she had been "struck by an item that was thrown from the stage." Fortunately, Cardi dodged a bullet as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department did not pursue the case.

In their statement, the authorities announced they dropped the case after reviewing the incident and consulting with the Clark County District Attorney’s Office. "This case has been closed as having insufficient evidence. No charges will be filed in relation to this case," they explained.

Tasha K Is Broke After Daring To Clash With The Billboard Music Award Honoree

Days before the failed eBay auction of Cardi's microphone, the media personality's nemesis Tasha K made waves for weeping about the poor state of her finances. The gossip blogger was ordered to pay her dues to the entertainer but claimed bankruptcy.

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Cardi B at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala 2023

The legal battle between the pair began when the social media personality spread false claims about the New Yorker. Tasha claimed the 30-year-old was an escort who did hard drugs and contracted an STD.

The "Clout" artist responded by filing a defamation lawsuit against the blogger, emerging victorious in 2022. The mother of two was awarded $1 million in damages, $250k for medical expenses, $1.5 million in punitive damages, and $1.3 million for attorney fees.

While this should have been a significant payout for the sensational rapper, the culprit dodged the settlement by admitting her financial difficulties. She filed for bankruptcy and requested protection from Cardi and other creditors.

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