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Meagan Good Debuts New Tattoo After 42nd Birthday That Speaks To Her Divorce

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on August 11, 2023 at 1:45 PM EDT

Meagan Good is ready to embrace a new future with a powerful reminder keeping her on the right track!Meagan Good is ready to embrace a new future with a powerful reminder keeping her on the right track!

Nearly two years after separating from DeVon Franklin, the sensational actress seemingly hinted at the reason behind their divorce. The entertainer's romance with the Seventh-day Adventist preacher ended after ten years in December 2021.

Following their split, many suspected the couple's contrasting lifestyles had influenced their breakup. Additionally, the "Eve's Bayou" star's new relationship with Jonathan Majors differed from her religious-based affair with the motivational speaker.

Did the Los Angeles beauty's ex-husband try to tame her sexy image? Fans certainly think so!

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Meagan Good Discusses Living On Her Terms While Unveiling Inspirational Ink About Loving Unconditionally

Meagan Good spotted in NYC

Shortly after celebrating her 42nd birthday with her new beau and a mesmerizing photo shoot, the DC star piqued her Instagram followers' interest with a video of herself getting inked by the tattoo artist @Iamcompton.

The body art featured a quote from the Canadian poet Atticus that read: "Love her but leave her wild." The powerful words were inked across the "Think Like A Man" actress's arm in a handwritten font, stopping above her elbow.

For those unfamiliar with the anonymous poet's work, the quote came from his "Love Her Wild" collection. In the cited piece, the author serenaded readers with an important message about relationships.

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Written in a first-person narrative, the work followed the story of a man seeking advice from an older male about the things he loved. When the individual asked about the woman he loves the most, the old man's response read: "Yes, he said, you must love her too but love her wild, and she'll love you."

The message behind this poem was to love a person without changing who they were, even if they were wild. Good seemingly supported this narrative with the background audio capturing her discussion about living by her principles.

The "Harlem" star noted she tried to be "very self-aware" about what she wished to put into the world. Although she claimed to be in the learning stage of giving back to the universe, the 42-year-old emphasized her desire to succeed on her terms.

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Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin Already Negotiating Settlement In Their Divorce
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In the Los Angeles beauty's words: "Winning to me is very personal. It is not the world's standards of me winning; it's my standard between me and God. So yeah, I just get it done."

The tattoo, alongside her words, seemingly hinted at her separation from Franklin. As though confirming she was no longer a caged bird, the entertainer captioned her post with a flying eagle emoji.

Fans Applaud The Black Reel Award Nominee For Staying True To Herself

Shortly after debuting her tattoo, the "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" star received positive responses from fans. Many believed the quote was a subtle hint at her divorce from Franklin, and they praised Good for refusing to be changed.

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"Wow, Megs. I know what that tat means. So happy for you, Sis!!! Love you deep!!!" A person chimed. Another echoed similar thoughts about the post, writing: "Don't save her… she don't wanna be saved."

"I love how unapologetic you are," a third crooned, with a fourth reflecting on the actress's message from a personal perspective. "@meagangood The ink. Spoke to the soul. No good came from feeling like a caged bird. All I needed to do was fly."

More fans shared similar narratives, noting the message behind the tattoo was to love unconditionally. "The best tattoo ever. Never dim your light to appease another," someone declared, with another commenting: "Love her without conditions, don't try to change her."

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"I love that quote & I love how free you are. Keep going!! It's such an inspiration for me," a social media user sweetly penned. While the majority supported Good's message, a few seemingly criticized her for just realizing the importance of being one's true self.

"Shoulda got this before the marriage, but hey, Here's a message to the future husband," a fan teased. The Hollywood sensation's followers are not the only ones who noticed the difference between the 42-year-old's relationship with Majors and her former marriage.

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Last month, a source revealed the actress's friends were shocked by her romance with the embattled actor. Despite their surprise, the media personality's pals fully supported her love, given the heartbreaking end of her religious-based marriage.

"It’s been a little stunning to see her go from [ex-husband DeVon Franklin], with faith at the center of their marriage, to Jon," the insider explained. "But also understandable why she’d go for someone different after being with the same person for so long and not having it work out."

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