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DeVon Franklin Breaks Silence On Life Post-Divorce From Meagan Good

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By Afouda Bamidele on June 12, 2023 at 6:00 PM EDT

DeVon Franklin still has a soft spot for his ex-wife, Meagan Good!

Although the end of their nine-year marriage saw Good revealing that the divorce was not something she "would have ever chosen," her ex-husband has quietly mourned the loss. However, that has changed as the motivational speaker has publically shared his thoughts on the painful decision and its aftermath for the first time since the divorce was finalized in June 2022.

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DeVon Franklin Has No Beef With Meagan Good's New Alleged Man

DeVon Franklin at the 2023 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival opening night film "Flamin' Hot" - Los Angeles

In the year since Good and Franklin's divorce, the former has allegedly moved on to a new relationship with "Creed III" actor Johnathan Majors. Claims of the pair forming a bond first surfaced last month with reports that the "Death Saved My Life" actress supported the actor during his domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

While neither party has publicly confirmed the allegations, their romance came up when her ex-husband joined the hosts of "The Breakfast Club" podcast on Thursday to discuss his healing process. After clarifying that he was not "upset" about the 41-year-old beauty seemingly having a new flame, the 45-year-old first stated:

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"She's happy; that's a blessing. If I had that [ill will], whatever I'm putting out, that's what's coming back. So I'm not putting on; I don't have any ill will towards anyone in that regard because I don't have any ill will towards myself in that regard. So no, there's no hate."

Just before he disclosed the above, Franklin revealed that his mental health was "much better" than it used to be, although it had taken some work for him to get to the point where he could "be calm and introspective and all that" during interviews. Explaining that he had moments of anger and pain, the "Heaven Is Real" author admitted:

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"There are nights [where] I'm crying myself to sleep. There are moments when I've been angry, but I've allowed myself to feel whatever I felt in order to heal because, in my experience, when I'm not facing what I'm feeling, then I'm trying to find something else to help me get through the pain."

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He then confirmed that despite them no longer being romantically involved, his love for his ex-wife would remain intact, adding that they were still in touch. While Franklin's candid comments might warm the hearts of those worried about him following the split, he had previously come under fire for joining "Married At First Sight."

The outrage got so bad that the University of Southern California graduate had to defend him against the backlash late last month. To that end, he issued a lengthy statement via Instagram that began:

"Moment of Truth: Last year, Married At First Sight (@mafslifetime) invited me to come on the show. I agreed to do it … and then the divorce hit. They came to me and said that didn't matter to them because they still felt like I could help their couples. I was going to tell them "No" because I felt shame…"

He stated that he had to battle against a voice calling him a "failure" and asking how he could help others save their marriages when his own did not work out. The singer also made him think about what "people" would say and if they would "approve or disapprove." He eventually had to be true to himself, quit worrying about people's feelings, do what needed to be done, and take the role of a marriage expert on the show.

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Meagan Good Has Taken Her Love With Jonathan Majors To International Waters

Meagan Good at The 13th Annual AAFCA Awards in Los Angeles

Earlier this week, Good and Majors caught the media's attention when they were spotted in Fez, Morocco, on what appeared to be a couples' getaway. Per The Blast, the supposed lovebirds were fascinated by a fountain and a fireplace in a shop called Art Naji.

The visit to the shop, known as the country's biggest handmade factory shop of Moroccan tiles, pottery, and zellige, saw the "Stomp the Yard" actress negotiating with its staff. While the outcome of the interaction remains uncertain, the Moroccan trip highlights a meaningful milestone in the duo's romance as it was their first time together on international soil. 

It also came weeks after the Yale University alum sat for dinner with his girlfriend and her family at a Red Lobster in Los Angeles on Tuesday, May 23. Good's mom, Tyra Wardlow-Doyle, and her older sister, La'Myia Good, seemed in happy spirits as they ate and chatted with the couple.

The pair dressed to the nines for the date, with Majors wearing a tan striped shirt, blue jeans, a gray face cap, and sneakers and his partner flaunting her enviable physique in a pair of skintight gray leggings, and a baggy vintage top, black baseball cap, and white sneakers.

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