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Jax Taylor Called Out For Using ‘Scandoval’ For ‘15 minutes of Fame’

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By MLC on August 8, 2023 at 4:00 PM EDT
Updated on August 10, 2023 at 12:58 PM EDT

Is Jax Taylor really looking for an extra 15 minutes of fame?


If you thought for a second that clout chasing somehow vanished from Taylor’s DNA… you thought very wrong.

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The Clout Chasing Is REAL

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Social media is calling out the former “Vanderpump Rules” star following a tweet he shared over the weekend.

Mind you, the tweet was quickly deleted after publishing.

The ex-SUR bartender shared a photo of his restaurant, which will open sometime this year, along with the tweet, “Sandoval if you need a job let me know! #jaxstudiocity #bar #lounge #sportsbar.”

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Jax Taylor Is Following In Tom Sandoval's Restauranter Footsteps


Obviously, social media users got wind of this and were quick to screenshot it. It didn’t help that he was quick to backtrack his statement AND add his own clarification in the comments section.

“We have a long history and we like making fun of each other it’s harmless, don’t read into things... I want the best for Tom he’s going through a lot and I know he deserved a lot of it but I think it’s time we just let things heal or be and move on. No point in grilling the guy anymore we have all made mistakes in life,” Taylor (attempted) to clarify.

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This only gave commenters more ammunition to fire at Taylor.

“No no no. Just when he won us over, now you lost us again,” one person wrote.

“If you hate Tom so much, stop using him, Jax,” another added.

One person explained how Jax should be thanking Tom for reigniting his relevancy in the reality TV space.

“Jax should be thanking Sandoval. This wouldn’t be happening without this scandal and him getting to have his 15 min of fame back. He’s way to thirsty for my taste. Hope he gets canceled,” they wrote.

Another person sarcastically added, “At least @mrjaxtaylor is willing to give Sandoval the job and Tom doesn’t have to audition and show his bartending skills ? so generous ??.”

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Quick recap, Taylor and Tom Sandoval are former roommates, co-workers, and best friends turned enemies.

When “Scandoval” broke in March of this year, Taylor was one of the first people to sound off on Sandoval’s long history of bad behavior and decision-making. In fact, the ex-reality TV star went on a smear campaign against his former friend in multiple interviews.

In June, Taylor appeared on “The Toast” podcast and explained how Sandoval texted his wife, Brittany Cartwright, and completely lost his cool.

Jax Has Been Outspoken About His Hatred For Tom Sandoval

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“His [Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras] band was performing in Louisville. He texted Brittany, ‘Hey, if you have any friends in Louisville, [I would] love to see you. Come [see] my band. I’ll get you free passes,’” the 43-year-old said. “I looked at the phone. I go, ‘Are you f**king serious?’”

Taylor was so infuriated by Sandoval’s shady move that he decided to text him, himself.

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“I went on my phone, and I go, ‘Don’t you ever f**king text my wife again. How dare you. How selfish and tone-deaf are you? You do realize Brittany is friends with all these girls?’ What do you think she’s going to do? [Respond] ‘Sure, Tom. Let me right now call them up. They’ll be right there?’” Taylor recalled. “It’s like a serial killer who kills their family and then goes out to the bar.”

The following month, he went on yet another tirade against the ‘VPR’ villain.

“I think something’s going on upstairs. I think he’s got a few screws loose, personally,” Taylor noted.

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