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Maralee Nichols Urges Son 'Don't Worry Be Happy' After Tristan Thompson Celebrates Tatum

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on August 1, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT

Maralee Nichols is all about peace! The media personality continues to do her best as a mother, while Tristan Thompson appears to be a distant father to their son, Theo Thompson.

Since the fitness expert announced her pregnancy for the NBA star, the pair have raised several eyebrows over their estrangement. After battling it out at court over a paternity suit and child support fees, the duo is far from friendly.

Unlike the basketball player's blossoming co-parenting relationship with Khloé Kardashian, the Canadian-American athlete's affection appears nonexistent regarding the personal trainer. After the 32-year-old celebrated Tatum Thompson's first birthday, the social media influencer seemingly comforted her child with an outing.

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Maralee Nichols Showers Son With Love Following Tristan Thompson's Tribute To His Other Child

Instead of dwelling on the lack of Theo's presence on his father's social media platforms, the model updated her Instagram Story with a cute clip of her son. The Houston native's post seemingly addressed the athlete's recent dedication to his child with Kardashian.

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Maralee Nichols and son Theo
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The video set to Bobby McFerrin's iconic 1988 song "Don't Worry Be Happy," captured the entertainer's toddler enjoying himself at the beach. For the sunny affair, the little boy donned a light blue jumper with a dark blue bucket hat.

As the famous happiness anthem played in the background, the adorable child walked barefoot on the sand. Although the video was taken from behind, Theo's joy radiated through his movements.

The toddler, who began shuffling slowly through the beach, hastened his steps upon noticing a ball. The little angel rushed to pick up the object, effortlessly lifting it off the sand and taking a few steps before throwing it over his head.

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The words "Beach Please" flashed in blue neon lights at the bottom of the screen. The caption, alongside the background music, seemingly conveyed Nichols' intention to make wholesome memories with her son, with or without the Los Angeles Lakers player.

As mentioned above, the social media influencer's sweet post came at the heels of her former lover's birthday tribute to his other son. Tristan had penned a lengthy message to Tatum, his second child with the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" alum.

On his Instagram page, the Lakers player shared two pictures of his fourth child. Both snaps captured the father and son flashing radiant smiles while rocking casual ensembles with sunglasses.

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The cute images marked the first time the 32-year-old had shared Tatum's face on his social media page, and he heartily celebrated this milestone. Although the post was meant to honor the toddler's first birthday, the former Cleveland Cavaliers player raved about his son's impact on his life.

"Tatum!! Happy birthday my son! You are a reminder of what life represents to me. You have taught me every loss comes a lesson, and you are my gift," the NBA star declared. "You are my reminder of all of God's messages. You are the reason that I began my story."

The Brampton native seemingly addressed how his relationship with Kardashian ended after cheating on her with Nichols by writing: "The mistakes along the way are lessons, not failures. There is no expiration date to reinventing yourself."

"Tatum, your sweet soul reminds me of God's grace. You are a future king, my son, and I am so blessed to be your DaDa!" Tristan concluded his birthday tribute.

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Fans Call Out Tristan Thompson For Failing To Acknowledge His Other Son

Naturally, gushing about one child without giving the other any social media attention did not sit well with the athlete's followers. Many fired back at the 32-year-old for dismissing his son with Nichols while happily embracing his family with Kardashian.

"Nobody will ever respect a dude who picks and chooses who to be a good dad to. Just stop," a fan clapped back. A second echoed similar sentiments with the comment: "Not cool to embrace some and not all your children, no matter who gave birth to them!"

Tristan Thompson celebrates son Tatum's first birthday
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"Pure reflection of who you really are as a human being, Tristan," the individual concluded. Another slammed the former Boston Celtics player for penning a sweet message while behaving dishonorably. The social media wrote:

"Dude, are you really not gonna acknowledge your other baby??? Talking about God's grace and life lessons?? How can someone that cringe even exist? Oh my my my, this is just hard to watch."

A fourth fan shared a similar distaste for the birthday tribute, asking: "How did you turn a birthday post for one of your children into a blog about how you've 'changed.' To hurt someone continually and purposely is wild."

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