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Sheryl Lee Ralph's Son Talks Story Of 'Trauma To Triumph' And Inspiring Others

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 26, 2023 at 6:15 PM EDT

Following the recent AARP: The Magazine cover story featuring Sheryl Lee Ralph, her son, Etienne Maurice, has reflected on two of the most frightening moments of his life. 

In the conversation, the "Abbott Elementary" star recounted that her son had suffered an accident during his college years, resulting in a concussion that significantly impacted his brain, and he later endured multiple gunshot wounds during a near-fatal mugging incident. Now Etienne has clarified that even though both events had a profound and life-altering impact on him and his family, they happened many years ago.

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Etienne Maurice's Reflection Received An Influx Of Support From Multiple Viewers 

In the hours after his famous mother granted the interview and opened up about the incidents, Etienne was flooded with calls and messages of concern. Hence, he considered it essential to calm the waters by taking on Twitter to explain what happened.

In footage partly captioned, "I've been pretty honest and open about my journey towards healing, and hopefully my story of trauma to triumph will help somebody," the 31-year-old said:

"It's kind of crazy that I even gotta hop on here and explain myself. But apparently, there's a couple of news articles and blogs with the headline from an interview my mom did talking about my DUI and when I got shot. And in the traumatic experience that we both had to go through during those times."

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He clarified that he is doing well and that the crash and the robbery occurred around nine to ten years ago, emphasizing that they were two separate incidents that did not happen simultaneously. Nevertheless, those experiences significantly shaped his life and journey, ultimately leading him to his current endeavors with his nonprofit, WalkGoodLA.

At this point, Etienne flipped his camera to proudly show off the organization's new "creative wellness space" centered around "community healing" and "community building."

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"I'm just truly grateful that I'm alive y'all. 'Cause I could very well not be here, sharing this video and talking with you all. I appreciate all the love, and just know that it took a lot of work to get to where I'm at right now. A lot of love, a lot of prayers, and a lot of healing. So, thank you, everybody," he expressed as he clicked off.

The insightful explanation caught the eye of a few people, with one of them writing in the replies, "We love you, Friend! Always a joy to see you not just living but thriving. Keep going! ?.” Another person tweeted, "I love love love your story! You are so right it's only by the grace of God we're all here another day that's all that matters right! Stay encouraged ?."

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"Hate that he had to set the record straight for such an irresponsible headline but a great opportunity to remind folks of his journey & purpose," a third viewer chimed. His mother also dropped her opinion, proudly quoting, "My Son."

In case you missed it, Sheryl shared during the now-viral interview, "When Etienne was in college, he had a car accident and suffered a concussion. It changed his whole brain. Then he got mugged, and they shot him three times. He woke up in the hospital with two bullets in his leg and a wound in his forehead where a bullet had grazed him."

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The 66-year-old also disclosed her appreciation that her baby boy was not killed during the mugging, with him now owning a production company and nonprofit.

An Unnamed TV Judge Reportedly Assaulted The Primetime Emmy Award Winner

In March, The Blast observed that Sheryl revealed unbelievable details about getting sexually assaulted by a well-known television judge. At the time, she claimed that "this man walked in, grabbed me by the back of my neck, turned me around and rammed his nasty-a** tongue down my throat, and everybody at the network saw it."

Explaining further, the "Instant Mom" alum said that she had been "suited" while "at a very public place handling my business for the television show I was then, but we were on the same network." Unfortunately, when she reported the incident to the network, they decided to prioritize their show's image over the damage and trauma it caused her. 

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"They did not want any bad press around their show and did not care what just happened to me," Sheryl uttered before she claimed that the network had told her, "It's not that bad. Please don't say anything; we don't need the bad press; it's a brand new show. Yours is a new show."

Even though Sheryl did not disclose the name of the television judge who perpetrated the act or when the incident occurred, she declared that it was not former Michigan 36th District Court judge and television court show arbitrator Judge Greg Mathis, who she dubbed "a great man."

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