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'Temptation Island' Star, Great, Wants To 'Address The Elephant In The Room'

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By Melanie VanDerveer on July 26, 2023 at 11:00 AM EDT

It's been a wild ride for Great and Paris on "Temptation Island" so far, and it's far from over.

After seeing and hearing some of the things Paris has been doing and saying while apart from Great, he decided to "address the elephant in the room" in a recent TikTok video.

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Great Shared His Perspective On Paris' Recent Words And Actions On "Temptation Island"

Paris and Great Temptation Island
USA Network

After showing some clips from the show where Paris said she was "ready to risk it all" and saying that if there were no cameras around, she would do something sexual to one of the singles, Great shared his side.

"Alright, so, let's dive into this," he began. "So first off, we filmed this last year, so you know, time healed everything, and I'm not gonna tell you guys how everything played out. So now I can watch this tape and not really give you guys a reaction, cause I've seen it already."

He further explained that he wanted to address the viewers and how they are perceiving everything they've seen so far on the show. He also said that some of the judgements viewers have been making doesn't make much sense to him.

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"I'm gonna just go on and say it. I'm the victim here," he said. "I don't care what anybody say, man, yes. I am the victim here."

Great also said he doesn't want people to say that he's a cheater or he deserves what Paris has done.

"That hurt me," he continued. "I'm hurt when I see that. Like, why are you defending her? Literally, like, all right, let me address this cheating scandal because I feel like you guys are putting dirt on my name."

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He continued by saying that when he cheated, he didn't feel like he cheated, which is why he hates using that word.

"I'm not a cheater," he said. "I don't know how to cheat. So, you guys call me a cheater, so let me address that. When that whole situation happened, it was early on in the relationship. Me and her was just getting to know each other and one thing led to another and then I got with somebody else, and then yes, she found out."

That was the point that he realized he was in a relationship with Paris. He thought the two of them were going to be friends, and that's how their relationship began. He said they addressed that early on and were in a good place with it.

"You cannot keep bringing that up," he said. "I guess you guys are trying to justify actions from that."

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Great and Paris on Temptation Island
Grizzy Great - TikTok

Great then asked his followers if they understand how he feels during the first bonfire watching Paris doing all she was doing. He said he felt attacked watching that footage.

"I was so hurt. I was embarrassed. Do you guys not feel for me? I don't understand. I'm the victim here," he continued. "It makes no sense. I just want to know. What would you do if your partner was to say that on camera? That's cheating. I don't care what anybody says, man."

He continued to explain that they had rules for each other and the only rule he gave her was that he wanted her to be herself and to be how she is when he's not around.

He then asked the viewers how they would react if their partner acted that way.

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Many of Great's TikTok Followers Shared Their Thoughts In The Comment Section

Great on Temptation Island
GrizzyGreat - TikTok

Some of Great's social media followers added their thoughts about his unfortunate experience during that first bonfire.

"I’d be very upset and hurt," one person wrote in the comments. Another added, "Be hurt! You ain’t no damn victim?."

One person pointed out, "emotional punishment island.... everyone is gonna cheat eventually on this island. it's only a matter of time... No relationship will survive."

Another viewer said, "You spoilt everything when you said Nigeria men don’t cheat. ???"

There were also a string of comments that were nothing but laughing emojis.

An Earlier Video Shows Another Side To Paris

Paris Temptation Island
USA Network

Great shared a video a few weeks ago that showed a different side of Paris captioned, "Who remembers her? Why is she acting like a victim? P.s. the name of the show is Temptation Island season 5."

Viewers were sharing their thoughts about his payback for all she's done.

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"Lmaooo pay back hurts," one person wrote. Another added, "When they go low, I go lower ??."

Many were egging Great on in the comments. One fan of the show said, "The get back is real," and another person added, "That’s how you do it ???."

What are your thoughts on Paris and Great? Will they eventually find their way back to each other or has enough been done to end this relationship for good?

"Temptation Island" airs on USA Network on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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