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Great Shares His Frustration About Paris' Actions On 'Temptation Island'

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By Melanie VanDerveer on July 17, 2023 at 3:00 PM EDT

Watching your significant other getting intimate with another person is difficult. And on "Temptation Island," watching such a scene can be tougher, with an audience following along and sharing their opinions.

Great and Paris arrived on the island together, hoping to "align their timelines" better, but it's starting to look like their time on the island has done the opposite. Both Paris and Great have recently shared some of their thoughts on social media.

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Great Is Not Happy About Watching Paris Get Intimate With Another Man

Great on Temptation Island
GrizzyGreat - TikTok

The couple, who has been dating for nearly two years, really struggled to trust each other after a history of cheating. So, one might wonder why they would agree to this experience, knowing that it will be straightforward to fall into temptation.

"While they are willing to do whatever it takes to make things work between them, they are not yet on the same page," their USA Network bio reads. "Paris would like to take their relationship to the next level and get engaged soon."

Great isn't quite there yet, and I would prefer to take things slower and move in together first.

After a few weeks on the island, maybe the goals have shifted in both of them. Great recently shared a clip from the show on TikTok that changed it all for him.

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He captioned his clip, "What would you do if your partner did this to you on national television?"

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Great's TikTok video received nearly 2 million views and tons of comments. Followers are somewhat confused about how to feel about all this.

"Bro, don't know if he wanna cry or laugh ??," one person wrote. "I don't think I'm dating for a couple of years after that," wrote another person.

Great also shared a video asking his followers whose behavior was worse. "Replying to @Rozayy__ what she saw of me vs. what I saw of her. Ladies, is dancing considered cheating?" he captioned his clip. 

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"Why is she crying? We heard what she said?," one person pointed out. Another person added, "The audacity to sit there upset when she said what she says? double standard."

He also shared another video responding to what Paris said she would like to do to another man. Great's followers seemed happy that he chose to do the same to her.

"I just came to see if bro got back, and he indeed got back ??," one person said. Another added, "YESSIR, everything came full circle. ??"

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Great has since shared many other videos declaring his single status, so it's safe to say that, at this point, there may be no going back for this couple. But with "TI" only being around the halfway point, never say never.

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That Brings Us To Paris Sharing On Her Social Media Pages

Temptation Island
USA Network

Paris recently shared an interesting Instagram Story that sounds like she's claiming she hasn't done anything wrong on the show.

Paris on Temptation Island
Parisfenty8 - Instagram
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It seems like Great isn't the only one a bit salty about the recent activity he's witnessed. Shots have been fired from Paris, as well. But we wonder, is it pure confusion or maybe some delusion mixed in with her comment, "I'm the only faithful one in both villas."

Anyone watching the show might want to know her definition of "faithful" because the cameras have told a different story. And Great has stuck to his guns, saying he didn't do anything wrong until he saw what Paris was doing.

While Great shares clips and his thoughts from the show, Paris doesn't. Her Instagram page is filled with selfies,; only in her Stories has there been any real mention of the show and what's happening.

Although her TikTok page has a slightly different vibe with a few clips from the show, most are clips of her and Tahjicc.

So, what do you think - will Great and Paris realize that they are meant to be together, or will it be hard to return from all that's happened so far?

"Temptation Island" airs on USA Network on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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