Eva Mendes fans over her Ken, Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes Fanning Over Ryan Gosling Gives Barbie-Ken Goals IRL

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By Rima Pundir on July 12, 2023 at 5:30 AM EDT

Eva Mendes is fanning over her "hombre", Ryan Gosling, big time, and it's too cute for words fans cannot handle all the sweet love between the two as they let Mendes know, they "love a supportive wife!"

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Eva Mendes Is High On "Kenergy"

Eva Mendes fans over Ryan Gosling
Instagram | Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is one supportive partner, given that she's fanning over Ryan Gosling as Ken, and thanking director Greta Gerwig for all the kind words she said about Gosling as an actor.

Of course, this is hardly the first time Mendes has shown her love and appreciation for Gosling, although the couple, who have been together since 2013 keep their private life just that, private. Earlier too, Mendes shared a few pictures of her wearing a white t-shirt emblazoned with Ryan Gosling as Ke, as she cheekily wrote, "Got that real big Kenergy." She also quoted Coi Leray's song, "Coz girls is players too."

The Barbie Instagram handle also commented, "All the Kenergy" and here's more of that...

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Her fans loved the gesture, commenting:

"And that's why she's named MENdes. ? Girl is a big bos player 4EVA. Keep up that Kenergy!"

"Hoping you have a cameo in the movie as a Latina Barbie."

"It’s GIVING MINE and I’m obsessed."

Some just wanted the shirt, letting Mendes know, "Now I want a t-shirt with this image of Eva wearing a Ryan - Ken t-shirt" while another chimed, "Girl you can’t just post a glorious shirt then not say where to buy it!"

Here's Mendes, reminding her fans that this Ken belongs to her!

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The Latin Barbie Feels Ryan Gosling Is The "Greatest Actor"

Eva Mendes posted throwback pictures with Ryan Gosling
Instagram | Eva Mendes

Ever since 42-year-old Ryan Gosling started production as Ken for the upcoming "Barbie" movie, opposite Margot Robbie, fans have started dubbing Mendes the Latin Barbie and even begged that she have a cameo in the movie.

Meanwhile, all Mendes is fanning about these days is the greatest actor she has ever worked with, and yes, she means Gosling. In a recent post, Mendes shared a set of throwback pictures of them together, from the 2012 movie "The Place Beyond the Pines", probably because this is when they started dating.

The couple also share two daughters, born in 2014 and 2016, and keep their private lives hidden from the public, with Mendes usually fanning over Gosling only when it comes to work.

She captioned the post, "Mi Hombre. Mi Vida… To say he’s the greatest actor I’ve ever worked with is an understatement."

She also thanked Greta Gerwig for her kind words as the director, who was adamant in casting Gosling as Ken described his acting as "It’s some combination of Marlon Brando meets Gene Wilder meets John Barrymore meets John Travolta.

Mendes wrote, "Gracias to the brilliant & beautiful Greta Gerwig."

Fans responded to Mendes' post, letting her know, cheekily, "Not gonna lie, I thought these were images from the Barbie movie and thought Ken hit some hard times."

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More appreciative comments followed with one fan writing, "We love a supportive wife! He may be the best actor but you're hands down the best actress! We love you both." Another felt, "He and Margot make an amazing duo. This film is going to be huge! We all know he’s your man but let’s admit, they have great on-screen chemistry."

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Eva Mendes Goes On To Dub Ryan Gosling, "Her Love"

Ryan Gosling as Ken in "Barbie" Movie
Instagram | Barbie

Mendes also shared a video from the movie, "Barbie", again quoting the same Greta Gerwig  dialogue, as she wrote, "One of my favorite things the insanely talented & beautiful GRETA GERWIG says in @rollingstone about Mi Hombre, Mi Vida, Mi Amor …RG."

Fans loved her support for Gosling, as one wrote, "I bet your daughters are beyond proud. I mean, come on, “my dad is the real Ken” knocks it out of the playground. Respect."

More fanned over Gosling, "So glad Ryan accepted to do this movie, Greta is such a great director. I never doubted his KENergy… his comic skills are incredible, he should do more comedies, Ken’t wait for July 21st!"

More wanted to know, "How many times did they have to cut because Ryan started laughing? I need outtakes."

So here's Ryan Gosling, slaying with his "Kenergy!"

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