Ryan Reynolds celebrates Father's Day with a vasectomy

Ryan Reynolds Has The Perfect Father's Day Celebration: A 'Vasectomy'

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By Rima Pundir on June 18, 2023 at 10:15 AM EDT

Ryan Reynolds, a father of four, has the perfect Father's Day celebration to offer all the dads of the world, something their better halves would certainly recommend.

Reynolds's idea of a great dad's day is a vasectomy, only it's something you drink, not something you snip. After birthing four kids, Blake Lively may want to opt for the latter, no?

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Ryan Reynolds's First 'Vasectomy' Happened On June 9, 2021

Ryan Reynolds celebrates Father's Day, with a vasectomy
Instagram | Ryan Reynolds

Given that Ryan Reynolds has a "Christmas sweater" tradition every year, it's not surprising that he decided to celebrate Father's Day with a new ritual: a vasectomy. So, for Father's Day, 2021, Reynolds celebrated with his fans with the "mother of all cocktails" which he decided to name "Vasectomy", for no reason at all!

The video starts with Reynolds wearing an orange tee, behind a counter as he tells the audience, "It's Father's Day. But if you don't mind, we are going to celebrate with the Mother of all cocktails. The Vasectomy."

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Technically speaking, there's nothing remotely related to a vasectomy in the cocktail with begins with Reynolds filling a tall glass with ice, as he compares it to "the way children fill our lives with so much joy", and then adds 1oz of cranberry juice, mouthing "sweet, just like their little smiles."

Of course, there's a healthy dose of humor in the video with Reynolds going slightly dead in the eye whenever he mentions children (he had three by now), even calling them "little scamps." Since it's a cocktail, he pours in Aviation Gin, a tad too healthily, forcing the team to do another, more measured take.

Fans loved the video, of course, and left Reynolds several comments:

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"This just makes me ??? so much, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it over the weeks."

"I love vasectomies. Never had this cocktail But I’m willing to try it too."

Here's the video, and the recipe, if you need it!

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Jessie James Decker Steals The Show!

Jessie James Decker pushes for a Vasectomy
Instagram | Jessie James Decker

You can celebrate this Father's Day with a very cheeky Jessie James Decker who's trying her best to convince her husband Eric Decker to get a "vasectomy", even as Reynolds breezes by with a "you know these don't work, right?"

We love Jessie's take on it, of course, given that she compares a vasectomy to a near walk in the park. And as the music rolls in, with a man's scream in the background, all Jessie has to say is, "Oh, shut up!"

As she fills in the glass with ice, there's no, erm, spillage!

When she adds the cranberry juice, it's "Sweet, like an outpatient gesture of love." While the ingredients remain the same, this time, the tonic is Betty Buzz (from Blake Lively), prompting Jessie to add, "Looks like there's at least one husband out there looking out for his better half!"

Fans found Jessie's version hysterical, writing:

"That’s f--king hysterical! That recipe is a cut above the rest."

"That made me laugh way too much ..and now I will talking about this ad to every urologist I work with in surgery for the next week."

"all juice, no seeds, can’t lose."

"My vasectomy was def not painless (I got the rare 6-month ball ache) but I would do it again in a heartbeat and it’s nothing compared to childbirth. Hell, I have friends who have worse period pains. Man up, gents!"

There you have it, a vasectomy that's "so good and soooo easy! even if something that Jessie claims her husband has refused to get.

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'Memba Ryan Reynolds & Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon made Ryan Reynolds a vasectomy for Father's Day
Instagram | Ryan Reynolds

Of course, last year, Reynolds got an unlikely candidate to further his cause, the serial baby-seed spreader, Nick Cannon who admitted that a vasectomy was something, "Lord knows, I need one!"

We think he might just have been talking about the cocktail given that the eight kids of 2022 have turned into 12 kids in 2023, and he's open to having more!

So when Reynolds spit out the drink after Cannon told him he had eight kids, well, fans followed suit.

"I literally did a spit take of my own at the end of this LOL"

"That’s was dope."

" I just peed myself laughing at this ??"

So here you go folks. Happy Father's Day from two Hollywood dads, with a vasectomy cocktail. Which of these Father's Day delights is your favorite?

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